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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Just be careful with Silverlink and those hot lights above the top shelf :wink:


Ha fortunately the ones in Silverlink were bottom shelf. Most was for the City Centre!!


On another forum, when the topic was raised of the M&S sale, one regular poster said something like…

“Oh no, not another M&S unicorn hunt”

Fortunately another poster went to my local, big M&S (Guildford) and found no bargains which somewhat ended the hunt for me!


I’m now a firm unicorn believer after the steals I’ve managed to grab!


Me too. But seems like very odd retailing where things aren’t priced up correctly. I have this morning picked up some of their own brand vintage port 2007. Marked up as £27 reduced to £18 but is actually £6 per bottle when rung up on the till. And a barbaresco £33 reduced to £21 but rings up at £10. I can understand why m&s have fallen out of the FTSE100!

If anyone’s in their local branch, and the same wines don’t appear discounted, don’t believe the shelf labels!


I thought I had got a bargain a few weeks ago when I got the Barbaresco for £21 - damn.

Please let me know when the Contino Reserva goes the same way as that is one of the few fine wines my store still has.


All of this for £52 in Loughton, most expensive item was the Barbaresco at £10.

Looks like anything with a third off is discounted further


Just bought a further five bottles of 2007 Vintage Port. Labelled as £27, when priced checked before purchase £6!!!

May this craziness continue!!


Now I wonder if there were bargains at my local M&S just without the reductions on the labels!


Leeds (next to ikea) M&S Sat 7th Sept: Sherry 50cl Lusteau 1998: £5 a bottle… blimey - I had the last of them of the shelf. Shame the vintage port had gone. And on a more ordinary level, Beaujolais cru Brouilly 2016 at £7 which (enjoyed sat evening with friends) I would VERY happily buy again - and might even go back Monday in hope of more.

Seems us heathens ‘north o’ watford gap’ are also allowed to partake of the bounty.


I live as far south as you can get without a boat, and they never have any of these offers in our local M&S


…also seen in New Oscott, Birmingham branch.


Picked up their Very Rare Oloroso today (half bottle) for £4 instead of usual £9. Love this wine! This was from High St. Kensington Food Hall. Was hoping for a Tokaji, but no luck this time.


Picked up more 2007 VP for £6 and Quinta Cavadinha 2001 for £10 (for a friend) at the M&S store in Newcastle City Centre. Still a handful left at lunchtime! Surprised to see further stock!!


Milton Keynes seems to have restocked with Quinta da Cavadinha as well. 6 on the shelves at lunchtime today.


Bedford interchange park had some too :wink:

I’m after the Madeira!!


For the NW Londoners amongst us: Found the Justino’s Madeira at the Finchley Road M&S Simply Food store for £5. There were still 6 bottles in the shelf when I left. Happy hunting!


Note quite M&S, but thought this was decent.

4 x Brunello di Montalcino Poggio Alle Mura 2013 for £100 delivered. £25 a bottle.

£10 discount code for newsletter signup. Then double discount on 3+ of the same bottle:

2013 not too bad vintage wise http://www.winemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Vintage_Chart_2018.pdf

Not a huge fan of the entry level Banfi Brunello, but this is supposed to be better

A 2014 Brunello via WS which is regarded as bit of a poor year is currently £39 a bottle https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=IT27261


More madness today!


I called in whilst passing today - labels but no bottles left of a Brunello £33 down to £10 and a shiraz similar discount. Clearly someone beat me to it. Neither was there last Friday so as others have stated new stock of heavily discounted wines is trickling through!

No sign of any port or sherry deals as some of you managed to snag above.