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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Appeared at Liverpool M&S today
cascina morassino barbaresco 2016 down from £32 to £21 something. Never come across this before.
They also had mags of La Taupe, but by the time I went back the solitary bottle had gone. It was £16.


Good to hear, not had a duff bottle from Potel.


Spotted today - Camel Valley English Sparkler marked down to £9. All gone (I did ask). Also checked the deep-freezes for any Wild Geese…


Did you check the wine fridge? I was told there wasn’t any Castle Brook in Liverpool yesterday but saw some in fridge. Didn’t end up buying it because I had already bought the above instead and have already overspent as usual.


Kept my receipt. Its a pretty cool temperature in M&S food so hopefully its ok


Just popped into the Epping branch to do a bit of shopping and scan the wine shelves. Spotted, and bought, the last bottle of Tokaji Aszu 5 puttonyos 2001 at £8 reduced from £25! Average price given on Vivino is £49.95!


if I remember correctly - he doesn’t make the wine…but acts as an advisor / overseer


I bought one in MK the other day…my worry is that its 2001…where has it been ?!


I didn’t but I’m not sure they have a wine fridge(!) They did check stock records which indicated zero bottles anywhere in store though.


If its any consolation my local always stocked it but it never made to the reductions. I worked for M&S for a year or two in between jobs so to speak, and back then the stock records were shockingly inaccurate. I know it doesn’t help you.


I picked up a couple of bottles of Lustau Vintage sherry yesterday - reduced to half price. Sadly an empty shelf where the 20 year old tawny port reduced to £10 had been… Nothing else of note in the store in question.


I have yet to find anything in my local store, Nottingham. Maybe I’m just not a regular enough visitor :worried:


Same here. There’s a similar thread on wine pages, think others beat us to it.


The Lustau was in West Bridgford… I just happened to be in Nottingham…


Based on recent experience the best East Midlands store for fine wine offers is M&S at Fosse Park. I picked up a lot of bargains including Burgundy and the Filhot Sauternes in the last offer.


Thanks for the tip, the next time someone posts up about M&S wine offers I may have to high tail it down the Fosse :-):grin:


I live near the Fosse too! Forgot just how far it goes…

These Romans are crazy.



Half the population probably lives within a stone’s throw :wink:


Another crazy wine bargain today. Again dessert wines. Again M&S.

These half bottles of Paul Cluver Riesling Noble Late Harvest are now reduced to clear at £5 down from £17! It was too tempting to resist. So three bottles of 2013 and three of 2014 came home.


That’s an absolute steal - Well done! Can’t understand M&S - some of these wines are an absolute giveaway…