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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Not on a par with the rest of you but managed to snag two Darting Eisweins from the 2008 (Muskateller) and 2009 (Scheuerebe) vintages, £13.99 each, down from around £30. The port shelf had already been cleared, although staff told me that there are more due in, later this week. This was at the Gemini store, in Warrington.

Unfortunately, nothing from Burgundy or Bordeaux on offer.


Finally a little success at Guildford. 2 Lustau Anada, 1 Oloroso, and 1 Cavadinha: £24. There was another bottle of port but I couldn’t comfortably carry it. Now I won’t have to keep skulking around the wine shelves every day.
Just a quick trip to TWS showroom next week and I think I will be reasonably prepared for B…!


Spoke to a member of staff at my local store today she said more stock comes in every day, they had 6 bottles of the 2007 port this morning and they all went by 5pm. Prices aren’t correct on the labels, looks like everything listed in the recent posts are still discounted.


@Leah, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve bagged my “free” bottle of the Madeira! Next they’ll be paying us to take the stuff away!

On my way home tonight I managed to pick up six of the Cavadinha 2001 @ £10 each. There was none of this in store yesterday - proving the point made by @Winestwit that stock is still arriving every day.

Paying for the Warre I used my “spend £35 and get £5 off” voucher from last night - using the saving to pay for the very last bottle they had of the Malvasia. :smiley:


@Lincoln, I feel like a proud parent! You’ve done well son :wink::wink:


Armed with a list from all you lovely people of wines that have a full price shelf edge label but scan much less, I managed to nab a Cavadinha 2001 for £10 (priced at £33). Somebody had cleared out the rest of the port and the Lustau, there was some Oloroso on the shelf but didn’t partake.

Nothing on any of the red or white sections, and no Cluver - got the staff to check for me, they said they are receiving new stock weekly that is going straight out with heavy discount. i told them the deals were blowing up online and its a common theme the shelf edge was wrong.

Please keep posting more deals you see, I’m going back next week. Who knows what else is discounted but not marked as such so it’s just sitting there?


Thanks for the heads up, Christmas port, sherry and Madeira all sorted for naff all. I owe everyone a snifter.


Picked up a bottle each of the Lustau 2002 and Oloroso for £5 and £4 respectively at the central Nottingham store. No Port or Madeira of note, but plenty of third off labels on the rather odd flavoured spirit selection - not tempted at all. Didn’t have time to check any other possibilities.

West Bridgford M&S notably lacking in any offers this time, even though it has quite a wide selection of wine generally. Confusing how their stock levels and replenishment system works to say the least!


I saw the Oloroso for £4 in Wimbledon (Centre Court), probably still cheaper in Spain. Also the Steenberg sparkling SB for £5. Alas, sparkling cat’s piss is still cat’s piss… :wink: Both offers with actual bottles on the shelves.


Quote of the day. Just spat my coffee over my iPad… :laughing:


I fell for the reduction and bought 3 bottles. Took one round to someone ‘s house to try last week. It wasn’t the worst bottle of fizz I have tried, but it will do for those who like their Prosecco under £8.

Like you said there was still some on the shelves at my local. Needless to say I walked on by.


Only ever had one sparkling SB, not an experience I want to repeat. Some grapes work in fizz others clearly don’t.


Same. Was given a taster at a local merchant and said it was vile, a feeling apparently shared by everyone else they gave a taster too and the staff!


Just need an occasion now where people are happy to drink Bucks Fizz :face_vomiting:one of the most revolting drinks ever.


At the risk of bucking the trend, I thoroughly enjoyed this sparkling SB from Oliver Zeter:


Floral, fresh and fruity, with just a hint of the typical ‘grassy’ note - it worked very well as an aperitif.


M&S Altrincham had a Frares Priorat 2016 for 3 quid a bottle yesterday. Down from 13.50 apparently; not tried it but nothing to lose at that price eh?


I’m usually a bit of a fizz snob, but the Steenberg with a drop of Chambord went down very well in yesterday’s afternoon heat. I mean at 83p a glass it seemed better than most cheap prosecco and basic cava. Might even buy another one!


I have two bottles going spare. Only £8 each :wink:


My last purchase from the current marks and spencer madness - 2 x 2002 Lustau Añada £5.25 and a 2001 Warren Cavadinha £10. The Warres was shown as full price £33 on the shelf marker but we all know that doesn’t mean a lot. Added to other recent purchases, that’s me sorted for about the next three years based on my meagre average level of port and Sherry consumption.


Not a reply re wine just an uncommon name connection! My full name is P. C. M. Wooldridge