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M&S Crazy wine bargains


Last night I popped into my local M&S and came home with 6 bottles of Chateau Filhot Sauternes at The quite frankly ridiculous price of £10.50 each! That was a reduced to clear price from £33! I know they’ve unfortunately given up on stocking true fine wine but at least the benefit is buying good wine at below cost prices!


The only deal my big M&S had last Friday was Puligny Monrachet 1er Chalumeaux from about £50 to £10 but someone had already cleared the shelf!

I’ve seen some other good deals posted online but suspect they’re long gone.

5 years ago they had a dedicated wine specialist and so many exciting and interesting bottles, why the move to boring and cheap again I wonder?


It is such a shame. It was nice to get interesting wines from a High Street retailer.


If by ‘Fine Wine’ we mean French wine, than I agree - the selection is rather dire. But I, for one, still go there for the odd tale of the unexpected.

They are good at bringing lesser known varietals/styles - Treixadura, Georgian orange wine and Oregon PG come to mind- and for countries other than France, do sometimes stock some interesting ones (Castro Martin Albariño, or Pisano Tannat, for example).

I think as wine enthusiasts perhaps we pass these by, as we’re used to more choice and quality from specialist merchants, but for the more ‘regular’ drinker, coming by a Tannat, or Marsanne from Cave de Tain, or Georgian orange wine might be a real venture outside of the comfort zone. That’s a good thing in my book :+1::wine_glass:


They were being more adventurous and carrying some good American wine but now that seems to have died away.


This is exactly what I meant with my comment above, I bought all of these 5 years ago (they had 3 Marsanne’s on the shelf at one point) and ksara, ka, recanti etc. I was loving the selection at the time. They also had a dedicated member of staff who knew the regulars and would make suggestions.

Just swung by and apart from 4 or 5 (boring) French wines at the £30 mark everything else is mass produced £6 stuff. All the above haven’t been seen for a couple of years.

Such a shame, and I’m really jealous if your store still has all the diverse stuff!


Just back from holibobs and headed for some groceries…must admit, the wines on offer in one of the MK stores were totally underwhelming and stayed on the shelf


I really enjoyed that Sauternes at the last give-away earlier this year. It’s rather delicious and at that price, can’t be ignored.
Recently, I’ve been buying the odd bottle of Bollinger Special Cuvee at our local - £28 down from, I think, £42. They seem to have plenty left as the shelf keeps getting re-stocked…


Mags of lurton margaux £19 and castle brook a tenner


Some Corton 2014 at £29 a bottle in my local branch.


That’s just ridiculous!


It had been there a while at £66. I kept an eye on it as M&S is an odd place for it, didn’t sell at that price. I have no need for Pinot Noir, but thought it too much to miss so got a single bottle.


Also some Corton at £29 on the shelves of the Bristol city centre M&S. Picked up one bottle (mandatory) but three left.


That’s were I saw it!


Is it “just a Corton” or is it the Hospices de Beaune Corton Grand Cru 2014?


It isn’t the Hospices version


Maison du Tastelune


I worry if it’s just been sat in heat and direct light for to long with some of these that clearly didn’t sell. I know you’d get a refund no problems bit still disappointing.


I think that’s Potel’s nom de plume when supplying supermarkets … I think.


You’re correct. Potel is involved.