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Lyon recommendations

I am off to Lyon for a work trip in July. I don’t think I’Il have all that much time to get out and about and definitely not outside of the city. But I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for food, drinks, wine merchants to visit etc? Going via the Eurostar so no restrictions on what I can bring back with me :smirk: (at least not within the amount I’d actually be able to carry).

Thanks for any tips :slight_smile:

There’s a Bourdain episode on Lyon, lots of very rich food from what I remember!

Antic wine has a great range …. I don’t think they have a website but here is the address ;

18 Rue de Boeuf (which is really central).


We went last August. Really enjoyed it. We particularly liked exploring the area around Place des Capucins at aperitif time as it’s really lively with a university crowd. For a traditional bouchon we ate at Bouchon d l’opera on Rue des Capucins which we enjoyed but I probably ate too much offal! If you are self catering then the main market halls “Halles Paul Bocusse” are fantastic. Enjoy!

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Brasserie Georges near the Perrache railway station is a local institution.
Been there several times.
If you are interested in an authentic bouchon try Cafe des Federations. Used to have a superb squat toilet!


Thanks for the tips everyone! As it turns out sadly I didn’t actually manage to make it to any of these, partly as a result of bastille day celebrations and failing to book anywhere early enough.

But I did come back with this little haul

And the bouchon recommended by a French ex colleague was spot on. Daniel et Denise (I went to the Rue Crequi one) is well worth a visit.