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Low stock Spanish wines [August 2020]

Just emailed…

Follow this link.


I had in my mystery bin ends case and can vouch is excellent!

I am tempted by the 2010 Contino Graciano.


There’s some tempting ones there!

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The Vina del Olivo is a very good price v market price for a wine that needs bottle age. Having said that I think I’d rather take 2 x Imperial/Contino reserva 2004/05. Muga SE 2010 is quite tempting at £24. I know Majestic/Waitrose often have recent vintages with 25% off but again it needs time to come around and 2010 should be ready to go now. And having just bought wine from the BBR sale I’ll keep my hands in my pockets for now as I’ve quite a bit of mature Rioja and would prefer to spend my budget on other Spanish wine outside the usual suspects. And there is usually a good proposition in the Christmas Fine Wine list


Damn, that Contino GR Magnum is tempting…

The CVNE Imperial Reserva is the one to go for, I thought - and immediately saw it’s all gone (I didn’t get any email). Great.

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hurmmph (or something similar) the CVNE 2004 is sold out. In keeping with current trend, I shall post a bleating demand for low stock wines to be reserved for yours truly to buy at leisure …

I might add that is NOT a snipe at GuidoD - as you can see our messages appeared at the same moment.


Not to rub it in, but having had (and still have, sorry!) the Imperial Reserva from 2004 (I believe The Co Op were knocking it out at about 12 quid on release) it isn’t actually all that.

I absolutely love Rioja, the 2004 vintage and CVNE but for £26, I’d say it’s not really representing VFM. I hope that helps assuage the disappointment ! :grinning:


Not terribly cheap I agree, but still good value with the added age and no storage costs. Apparently the 2004 Imperial Reserva appeared on the site a few days ago, so tells me another member who bought a bottle then. So appeared it seems without fanfare!

I was served a 1981 Imperial Reserva blind a couple of years ago and it was pretty amazing. The 2004 vintage is equally highly rated i believe, so patience may be in order, if you like your Rioja that old.

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Thanks (I think) go to @szaki1974 for posting as I decided to pick some up and by the time I got the email it would have been too late. Picked up a couple of the Imperial '04s, a couple of the Muga Seleccion '10s and one Mauro '17.


ditto thanks to the good doctor. I have a couple of Contino, Rioja 2004 winging their way to me - looking forward to those ‘velvety tannins’ - which are ‘hitting its stride now’

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These Rioja have been on the site for about a week. My mixed case arrived this Wednesday. I think the CVNE imperial and contino 2004 are good value, and ardanza and Muga Especial 10 some of the best Rioja I’ve tasted. Always good to have a few in the cellar.


Well… Contino 2004 Rioja, opened yesterday evening, decanted, a couple of glasses yesterday and another glass tonight. To be perfectly honest I’m underwhelmed - for £26 and 16 years in the bottle I expected something special, and it just isn’t. I don’t get any oak, and that fantastic strawberry note from tempranillo is also missing.Perhaps my expectations are all wrong!

Maybe it needs more time in the cellar to develop interest & maturity?


That sounds surprising. I had the 2005 just a fortnight ago and it was really good and still quite primary. The oak had receded as would be expected at 15 years but in balance. Contino do age well and in “The finest wines of Rioja” they say 20-25 years to be at their best. Having said all that I’d expect 2004 as a very good vintage to be showing better right now that your experience

Interestingly enough, TWS list 2004 as the only 10/10 Rioja vintage in the last 20, and '01, '05 and '10 as 9/10. '07 (the best of the rest IMHO) gets 8/10.

I would say that is highly sunbective, as each is excellent but slightly different in character. Do you like Bordeaux? You’ll probably prefer '01 and '04. Like the Rhone? I would say the weightier '04 is your vintage. Burgundy? I’d definitely recommend starting on the '05’s and maybe '07, which, if you love Piedmont is the vintage to start at (it is more ‘savoury’ generally).

It seems to be widely accepted (and I also subscribe to it) that '04 will be the longest lived. Of course, all of that only really apllies to quality producers, but maybe that is why TWS list it as the best?

I was surprised by its youth - and the fact that the bottle is still unfinished (ok, its in a decanter) by day 3 says something. Essentially it seems unevolved - tasted blind I would have guessed a Vina Real Reserva well under 10 y/o. I have a second bottle which will go to the bottom of the wine rack to gather dust for a few more years.

By comparison, CVNE imperial has never let me down, but unfortunately their 2004’s had sold out!

Yes - I very much like Bordeaux with some serious bottle age (2005 seems ready now, even with affordable bottles)

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I still maintain that the Imperial Reserva is not all that, so maybe you didn’t miss out so much :grinning:

As for the Gran Reserva, well I usually buy a couple in any good vintage, but for some reason I skipped the 2004. It won Wine Spectator’s (or someone like that) Wine of The Year. You win some, you lose some.

Well, having bought the Contino and CVNE reservas and Muga Secleccion Especial in the forlorn hope that I’d have time to sample them and see if I wanted to buy more (actually I think I could have done for the Contino/CVNE I’ve tried so far), my bottle of the CVNE was several cuts above the Contino (though 16 year old bottles can be a bit of a bottle by bottle lottery). At the price I’d say the CVNE was pretty good and the Contino a definite disappointment.