Low Stock offer - Rhône and south of France

It’s not an offer really, just an email highlighting a bunch of wines that are apparrently low in stock - no discounts as far as I can see.

I guess I got it because I mostly buy Rhone.

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And it’s already gone :see_no_evil:
@tom, I’ve added that Condrieu too, please stop encouraging me :joy:


Thank you: any chance of copying the email into this string for those of us who didn’t make this algorithm?

Following members’ great enthusiasm for our recent low-stock releases of fine wines from other regions, we’ve made available some small (and in some cases tiny) volumes of wines from the Rhône and the south of France.

Buy now

Includes wines from Jaboulet, Beaucastel, de Trevallon, Tempier and more

Each of these wines has been stored in our temperature-controlled cellars and is covered by The Society’s Promise .

Many of these wines will sell out very quickly: do act quickly if you spot something you’d like to buy.


Thank you

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I have gone for a case of 6 of this one

I still have four out of six of the 2012 of this wine, and that one was fantastic, it would certainly make my case of six in the other ongoing thread:


Clos des grives is the top crozes-hermitage wine by most standards, hard to err on this.

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And now finally posted to twitter


To both treat myself after a horrific week, which came is a small cash bonus, and test out a single bottle delivery from the wine society, I am treating myself to a Gigondas Chateau Saint-Cosme. As must as I was drawn to Le Poste by its Nebbiolo comparison, I’ve taken @ruifilipe’s advice and gone for the Hominis Fides.


Hope it will give you satisfaction!

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This just arrived. Some amazing bottles in there. White Trevallon, a couple of Tempiers and Yves Cuilleron, rarely seen in stock.

I think this has already been posted, here:

How come I’ve only received the email today, Friday?

I got it yesterday I think.

This is has been discussed at some length in the past but, to cut a long story short, TWS can’t send out 100,000+ emails in a day. The emails have to spread out to some extent. I haven’t had it yet.


Makes sense, though that could be overcome if they wanted to.

It’s actually quite hard to do without getting blacklisted. One of the products my company sells is a digital image and we are constantly getting blacklisted. Unless it’s a really big name sending out bulk emails (like Amazon etc.) then you have to be a little careful, especially if all the emails are identical.

I’d add that is is one of the benefits of the Community as someone usually posts when they receive such an email :smiley:


That’s my order in :man_facepalming:


I tried the 2016 Cornas Verset this week over 3 to 4 days and it’s certainly an approachable style of Cornas - lovely brambly fruit to start, quite upfront on day 1, then firms up a little to become more mineral and crisp with time open. Better on day 2. I’d say quite a classic and elegant style, lovely understated balance. A wine I feel will age gracefully and never shut down.


Thank you for posting this. It sounds exactly what I was hoping for. Glad mine is somewhat out of sight in my reserves. I hope I have the patience to leave it for many a year!