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Low Stock offer - Rhône and south of France

I’ve not even had a look through and snapped things up yet but … Go!


Trying to not treat myself to



Lots of temptation here…

This looks lovely but not sure it will really be ready from next year… other sites suggest 2033 onwards :pensive:


That sounds a bit more like it. If you buy all 22 of them and drink one a year from next year, nearly half should be in their drinking window!


Cheers @strawpig, I had an order ready to go this morning but have been sidetracked by work today. Added the following to my order of mainly everyday drinkers:
2 x Saint Joseph Rouge Domaine du Tunnel 2013
1 x Hermitage Blanc les Miaux Ferraton 2015
1 x Hermitage Blanc Les Rocoules 2003 Sorrel (surprise / bribe for the other half who loves aged white Hermitage)

Happy to get the Domaine du Tunnel, thought hard about ordering it EP this year.


I managed to resist this, but it was tough.

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If I were to choose a St Cosme, I would go for:

had the 2008 a few years back… wow… one of my most memorable wine experiences.


I usually buy by the case of six but was keen to try a variety and ready to put six into storage… and then saw this. I’m new to storing at TWS rather than picking up but you live and learn… Roll on mixed storage of 6/3/1 bottles.

The following products may be purchased and laid down in Members’ Reserves:

A full case of a single product.
A case made up of a mix of products selected by the member.

Please note: cases must be multiples of 12 bottles. Mixed cases must be withdrawn as a single unit, so ideally the combination of bottles you select should have similar drinking windows. Members can also withdraw mixed cases made up of wines selected from full cases (see below).
A pre-mixed case offered by The Wine Society as a mixed case.
Individual bottles where The Wine Society has restricted the amount for sale.

Ok, I’ve jumped and dropped a case of this into reserves.

May be a little rash based only on a handful of CT tasting notes and a desire to increase the Northern Rhone choices in my cellar. It will certainly be a long term hold!


As soon as I saw it and put 1 case straight into reserves. £162 dp sounds like good value to me and although I haven’t had it previously I love cornas and reviews were decent :wine_glass:


I would love a bottle of this:

But I’m struggling to justify. Maybe if it had a bin end discount. :wink:

Anyone got any experience with any of the Condrieus listed?

@MrLaura and I are taking part in the staff charity challenge this month and between us we’re cycling 800km, which we worked out is roughly here to Condrieu as the crow flies, so we want to treat ourself to a bottle to celebrate crossing the finish line!


No, but I would choose the Perret fwiw :smiley:


Is this a new offer? I haven’t had any email and can’t find it on the website.

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It’s not an offer really, just an email highlighting a bunch of wines that are apparrently low in stock - no discounts as far as I can see.

I guess I got it because I mostly buy Rhone.

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And it’s already gone :see_no_evil:
@tom, I’ve added that Condrieu too, please stop encouraging me :joy:


Thank you: any chance of copying the email into this string for those of us who didn’t make this algorithm?

Following members’ great enthusiasm for our recent low-stock releases of fine wines from other regions, we’ve made available some small (and in some cases tiny) volumes of wines from the Rhône and the south of France.

Buy now

Includes wines from Jaboulet, Beaucastel, de Trevallon, Tempier and more

Each of these wines has been stored in our temperature-controlled cellars and is covered by The Society’s Promise .

Many of these wines will sell out very quickly: do act quickly if you spot something you’d like to buy.


Thank you

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I have gone for a case of 6 of this one

I still have four out of six of the 2012 of this wine, and that one was fantastic, it would certainly make my case of six in the other ongoing thread: