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Low Stock Fine Wines Offer

Just received an email for “low stock fine wines”. I’ve not looked myself yet but there’s a lot of them but all apparently very low stock.

(edit: sadly after the first page it’s all bit mouthwatering but out of my budget)

Hmm. Don’t know about stock levels but I think the majority of the wines are too fine for me.


Sadly true; I could just about consider the cheapest half dozen of them (which is why I always sort my searches by low to high price. Only have to look just so far… then dream).


It seems like a bit of a “here are all of our most expensive wines” list. Mouthwatering but out of my budget too.


don’t think any of these are new

Not sure it’s an ‘offer’ in the sense of reduced prices! Some of them have been on the list for a fair bit. I think it’s just a condensed upper end list.

I could probably get to about page 3 before sharp intakes of breath began to prevail.

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No I think they’re just looking to clear some remaining bits and pieces. Shame they’re not offering a discount as well!!! :star_struck:


Keep an eye on the bin ends page in a week or two. You never know your luck.


Will be doing - or maybe some Fine Wine mystery cases!


Not going to take advantage of the two bottles max per member of Ermitage then? :wink:
Ouch. Can any wine be that good?


When I started on this wine thing I was about twenty and my idea was to get a dozen bottles of good wine which I would drink on special occasions.

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about flipping I have often thought of cashing in my entire stash and buying just twelve bottles with the proceeds. This is the kind of list to help me daydream about what I might get.

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I raised this topic in duplicate, so if anyone can figure out how to delete it, please do. No offense taken.

This just out and I already went for a De Montille and a Moulin Touchais. They are not making this easy one anyone’s wallet.

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Selling like hot cakes too, some very pricey wines!