Low-stock Bordeaux offer

Received an offer for low-stock Bordeaux wines, which does not appear to be on the main site, so wanted to alert others. The wines are, however, available via the usual search, although some are disappearing quickly (e.g. Beaumont 2015, Gloria 2014).



Must be causing havoc as when I try to follow the links the WS online system seems to have crashed!

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Problem now resolved

I could get excited about the sauternes and barsac if it could be put in reserves in smaller units. But it can’t and amongst the reds there are a lot of wines with pretty marginal write ups. I guess that’s why it’s a clearout!

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I also received the email about this but I’m pretty sure they are all wines that have been available from TWS for quite sometime and this ‘offer’ is just their way of highlighting them. Certainly most are wines that almost always have some presence on the Bordeaux list.

The cynic in me suggests that this is an attempt to shift some wines that are approaching but not quite reached bin end status.

Cynicism and realism are quite often separated by an extremely thin line :slight_smile:


I take your point, Mike, particularly given some of the recent reviews of the ‘Mystery’ cases but on this occasion, I think that the offer was genuine.

I regularly check the Bordeaux stocks and wines such as the Beaumont (various bottle sizes), Chasse-Spleen, Fonbel and Moulin Riche (wines I purchased via the offer) were definitely not available prior to Monday, as was the case with most/all of the other wines listed, when I checked over the past weekend. There were also a couple that I liked, that had already sold out by Monday evening, when I initially accessed the offer.

Overall, I thought that it was a pretty decent offer and was grateful to receive it, hence the purchases.


Must admit I was tempted to pick up another bottle of the Chasse Spleen.

("Behave, Michael, you know you have enough of them already!!)


I have been so tempted by this, indeed would have bought. But I’ve a self-imposed moratorium on wine purchases due to impending 550mile house move & retirement!
When that’s complete…