Lousy Wine list

I’ve found this old photo from 2012. It’s from a hotel in Cheltenham, when we went to the Cheltenham Festival

It’s lousy for the lack of interesting wines, information about the wines and vintages, but especially the amount of spelling errors. Forgetting missing accents etc, how many spelling errors can you find?*

*I found 9 (and one pricing error)


The Black Lebel for me…

I only managed 7 (and the price thing):

Black Lebel
De anjou
Matues Rose

Think I got 10

Creeek, Lebel, Plesporter, McMguigan, Lebel, Faustinio, Saint, Valpolicella, De Anju, Matues

I think Valpolicella is correct, also so is Saint - but perhaps you meant what follows it?

Mike, that makes eight since Lebel appears twice

Yes you are correct, I read that as Valpolilcella

I wasn’t counting both Lebels :rofl: I wasn’t sure about Emillon and Chiantl but decided it was the quality of printing and not spelling.

why are all your answers greyed out ? must be a whole lot of expletives going on. I wondered whether the possessive apostrophe missing from Jacob’s counted ?

Anyway - shamefacedly I have to mea culpa that I’ve visited and tasted at a number of these august establishments… and another one is in the firing line for next week as it happens…

Yes apologies, poor photograph, taken with my old phone which didn’t have a good camera. I’ve blown up the photo and now I see that Emilion has two 'i’s and is thus correct - I thought it wrong, and Chianti does end with an ‘i’

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Regardless that’s clearly the work of someone who really didn’t much care!

I think I might have posted before about the wine bar in Guildford that had a sparkling wine “from the Mousseux region of France.”


Are punctuation errors allowed? and what about upper / lower case & accents etc?

In which case “Rose De* anju” scores… at least 6 ?

Rosé d’Anjou

I once did a PGCE / PCET teacher training course - the lecturer (who was superb) did his master’s on the correct use of the comma - his marking of coursework was special.


well Anjou is misspelled whichever way you look at it!

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In my home town, a new club opened.
A group of us went there for the entertainment and dinner.
I ordered the Fillet Steak, and when it arrived it was very obviously Braised Shin of Beef.
There was no printed Wine List, and when I inquired - the response from the barely pubescent waitress was:
No Country, Region, Grape Variety, Vintage were offered - just those 4 words.
I almost wet myself laughing :rofl: said nothing, until I saw my Main Course. :sob: :dragon:


Luxury. The last time I went to the George and Vulture, an ancient and once venerated chop house in the City of London, I asked for the wine list and was offered “red or white?”


A newly opened local establishment describes itself thus “La Bobina; the buzzing Spanish Tapas & Wine Bar

but I consider the wine list dreadful, here’s the reds as an example:-
125ml 175ml 250ml 750ml
Casa del Arco 4.6 5.8 7.7 21
T empranillo 5 6.3 8.4 23
La Tribuna Field Blend 5.5 6.9 9.1 25
Merayo Mencia 5.9 7.4 9.9 27
Gatito Loco Rioja 7 8.8 11.7 32
Ribera Del Duero 7.7 9.6 12.8 35
Navaherreros 37
Luis Canas Crianza 41
Gran Reserva Rioja 67
Tonodonia 95

my apologies for the poor formatting, but you can see the lack or regions, producers, vintages etc. Some of these are being bought from a local wine merchant who would have happily given advice.


I hate the lack of detail there. Similarly I’ve been to places that list things like “Chateauneuf du Pape, £100”. For £100 I might like to know the producer and dare I say the vintage :rofl:


Food tonight in the Rainforest Cafe at Euro Disney. Whilst expectations were very low for the wine list I was still surprised at the poor quality options, obviously with the exception of @herbster’s favourite red.

I can’t imagine there are many restaurants in France offering fewer wines from France!

Is it just me or is this a lousy wine list?


Criminally bad.

Also - €7 for a small bottle of magners??