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Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV (2013) Jeroboam

Hi there, just wondering if any champagne experts can advise the drinking window on this beautiful jeroboam of Louis Roederer Brut Champagne. It was very kindly given to me by a friend about 7 years ago and has been cellared at approx 14c with good humidity, on its side and no light. Might actually drink it between the next lockdowns (so I have enough people to share it with!) but then again perhaps it may improve more over how many more, if any, years?!

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As a non-vintage champagne I would have thought you should be opening this pretty soon. While it seems to be agreed that the big houses sometimes rush to bottle and therefore a bit of aging doesn’t do any harm, 7 years is pushing it a bit IMO.

Hi Philip, thank you very much for the feedback. Just need lockdown to stop soon!

Yes, I broadly agree with @pgconnolly. As someone who often keeps non-vintage champagne for several years I think it will be fine, but won’t get better, and sooner or later will start to get worse.
You just need a few thirsty people - it won’t be hard to drink!


What a lovely gift to have received. I’m insanely jealous! As others have said, at this point, its very unlikely it will get any better even considering larger formats age much slower than smaller ones.
I would pick a date and ear mark this wonderful gift for consumption relatively soon, oh and ENJOY :yum:!


drinking window advice…any day between 5pm and 8pm with friends and loved ones

as others have said it should be ok - good marque and stored well. just dont leave it too long


Perfect answer sir! Bloody lockdown part deux isn’t helping my predicament… Merci beaucoups! :grin:

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just send your address and a few of the community can help reduce the weight of the bottle ! Sante!

Can I ask out of curiosity, how has this been stored? You mention the conditions above but I’m keen to know if it was on its side or stood straight up?
And what is everyone’s opinion on storing champagne? Up or side?

Stored on its side at approx 14c in darkness.

nooooo…delete your post…you will regret asking!!!

you have been warned the answers will involve maths, material science, geography meteorology, thermodynamics and a lot of presumption …but to precis the answers

Temperature : Anywhere from 8 degrees in a cold Scottish garage to a warm upper level flat in London in the summer

Angle of storage: calculated as average of all answers will be 35.7 deg from the horizontal for a std bottle and 35.2 deg from the horizontal for a magnum



You missed out Astrology…

and Moon Phases



Haha - maybe I should say I only want one word answers - Up or Side.
The reason I ask is I’ve had some large format champagnes (not mine) that have been aged stood straight up due to space constrictions and they have been underwhelming / disappointing.

Here is a vote for on its side, big, little, red, white, pink, orange or sparkly; always on its side.

And my limited experience of big bottles of champagne is that they seem to keep better than smaller ones.


good spot…and have to include as LR are biodynamic :wink:

do we need to know the star sign of those drinking it ?!


Side - except maybe for short-term.

Should have done a poll…

What is the right way to store Champagne, stood up (vertical) or on its side (horizontal)?

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

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You are welcome…

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Many thanks!

Madeira is the only wine that I have been told should be stored upright.
Any views on screwcaps?

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Interestingly the advice (and only practical way) for the Wirsching wines in Bocksbeutel stocked by TWS is also to store stood up and that is actually why the closure is screwcap.