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López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva, Rioja 2005


TWS £24.00 - Costco £19.99


Costco is phoenomenal on price right now ! It was selling Guigal Côte de Rhône less than TWS and selling D’Arenberg Dead arm less than trade prices . Also the cheapest place to buy Kung fu girl Riesling. I honestly don’t know how they’re doing it but I’m glad :grin:.


Is this real???


But of course :wink:


It’s actually good!


Cool label - what sit taste like?


Off dry, stone fruit, nice acidity. The 2017 is sweeter than previous vintages, I think.


It’s great , well made . Good acidity , off dry , if you haven’t tried it yet definitely do :+1:


Well I never… what made you try it in the first place? Although I guess it’s so intriguing, you would just have to try one bottle, just in case… Just goes to show how daring we wine lovers are!


@VinoVeritas, I had heard about it and saw it in an enomatic machine in Newcastle and tried it ! Costco were selling it for £10 :wink:


How am I supposed to spend less on wine when there is Viña Tondonia in the world?!?!!

Wow, Costco have the Meerlust Rubicon 2014 for under 20 quid as well. I need to keep an eye on that shop…


Never even knew they existed! It was probably better to leave it that way.
By golly they got a Zind-Humbrecht Riesling for £13.34 (love the 0.34p)… hubby is not going to like this new development! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Same here… …


Costco is a dangerous place. It’s extremely easy to go for a few basic essentials and come back having spent hundreds of pounds on things (including wine bargains) you never intended to buy.


Sounds like my average trip to IKEA! :grin:


Its very similar, apart from the added room for error. At IKEA you end up with candles and pillows. At Costco it can rang from an 8 pack of steaks to an enormous flat screen TV or full size hot tub. Not, I hasten to add, that I have ever bought either of the latter…


If you live near Milton Keynes it’s quite possible to hit both IKEA and CostCo in one trip. Assuming there’s room left in the car and sufficient sedatives on hand :grimacing:


I recently left with a wine fridge :rofl:!


Now I’ve heard everything!! :+1:


They also have a fantastic red wine called Bastide Miraflors at about £10. Had a 94 point score from Parker with a standout review so can be hard to get as it flies off the shelves.