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Loosen Eiswein: TWS vs Waitrose, what's the difference?

Hello experts

Have noticed that Waitrose list a Dr Loosen Eiswein at £19.99 with no vintage specified, whereas TWS list the 2016 at £30. Both 187ml.

Can anyone tell me what the practical difference is here? Is the Waitrose one somehow an inferior product?



At Waitrose the vintage is always a bit hit and miss. Your best bet is to take yourself to a local store to see if they have it in stock, and then avail yourself of the 25% discount on 6 bottles, which is likely to be starting very soon I reckon.

About a tenner at face value, little is made of Eiswein as it is dictated by freezing temperatures so I doubt there is any noticeable difference.

Label looks the same as the TWS one (I have at home). Also TWS might say it is 2016, but there is no vintage on the bottle. I would say exactly the same wine.

UPDATE - on further inspections I bought this:
Dr Loosen Riesling Estate Eiswein 2016 187ml - with no 2016 on the label picture (or the actual label)
what is now listed is Dr Loosen Riesling Estate Eiswein 2016 187ml , which does have 2016 on the label picture

also not sure how the 187m made it to the end of the first link… if you hover it disappears

Interesting, thanks.

Picked up the Waitrose one anyway, but sadly no discount for 6x.

I can confirm the Waitrose one has no vintage on the bottle or box, and the label specifies 7% alcohol content.

The one from your link seems to be 6.5%, whereas the current TWS listing also shows 7%. Which is strange given both TWS examples are listed as 2016.


Is it a box of six?

No, sold individually.