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'Looking forward to opening' wine


Everyone has a few bottles of wine sitting in a wine rack (or reserves) that they are really looking forward to trying but know they its not quite ready yet for drinking, I have a few, some of white will probably be opened this Christmas :slight_smile:

Here are the wines that I am looking forward to this year:

2005 Niepoort Batuta
2011 Josmeyer ‘Le Dragon’ Riesling
2001 Society Exhibition Gran Reserva Rioja

What bottles are you looking forward to opening?


I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of years, and am toying with possibly opening it this weekend. Whenever I take the plunge, my hands will be shaking when I pop the cork:

Also I have a 2009 Chateau Caronne Ste Gemme that’s probably about ready, but that one will probably wait until Christmas.


Christmas wine planning - A process which should be much more involved than present buying and more than worthy of its own thread!

Two wines in particular:

  • Kaapzicht Estate Pinotage 2013
  • The Society’s Exhibition Chablis Premier Cru

The rest of the racks are all a few years off unfortunately! :frowning:


It takes around 364 days worth of planning for Christmas wine, I usually try and pair them with the food that is also planned.

Glad to see another Pinotage drinker, a rather underrated grape (much like Riesling) - I usually go with Kannonkop but also enjoy the Rijks cellar Pinotage wines as well.

I also bought some wines EP some are still in barrel at the moment but some are landing this year alas with another 10 years or so to wait before I can enjoy them fully!


For me it’s the lovely Graacher Himmelreich Riesling by JJ Prum :heart_eyes: with such a long drinking window I’ve no idea when I’ll have it though! (2017 - 2029!!)


@clairemarge Oh lovely - are you hoping it’ll go all petrol-ly or trying to time it to open before it gets to that stage?

For me, it’s a bottle of Amon Ra 2009 by Glaetzer Wines.

I bought it for my husband for Valentine’s Day 2015 and it’s drinking until 2021 so we’re probably going to open it around 2019… but I am getting very impatient.


Undecided as yet! :grin: Ooh lovely, that’ll be a treat! Anticipation is half the fun :gift:

Edit: in that vein…absolutely anything en primeur is always something to look forward to :grapes::sparkles:


I have a bottle of Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenere 2015 in my very modest wine rack that I’m planning to keep for hopefully another year or two as it’s drinking up to 2025. I was pouring it at the first Generation Wine tasting at Kachette and thought it was delicious and judging by how busy my table was other’s thought so too. It’s going to interesting seeing how it’s changed when I get to drinking it and how my own willpower holds up! :grinning:


Don’t forget there is an EP section to this community as well :smiley:



Looks like an interesting topic Mitch but it seems to be restricted access.

My choice: a 2006 Chateau Montrose, should I live that long.


@Richard - If you are interested in the topic of en-primeurs, you can join this group by signing up on the Groups page


Away from EP wines, I think these are my 2 currently held look forward to wines.
The Pol Roger was a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary in 2012.
The Flaccianello I picked up as a bin end at TWS showroom a couple of years ago


Snap. I’ve also got 5x Flaccianello '09 (paid full price, unfortunately) and one bottle of the '02 Pol Roger.


For me, I have a bottle of D’Alceo 2011 bought from the cellar door at Castello dei Rumpolla that I am looking forward to opening in a few years, both for the quality of the wine and to be reminded of a delightful morning visit to the estate.

I also have a 2012 Biondi Santi Brunello that could easily be left in the cellar for another couple of decades, although whether my patience will give it that long once it starts to enter it’s drinking window is another matter.


@Richard @woodap heh I’ve got 2008 Flaccianello and 2004 Pol Roger !

I’ve only just pulled my first couple bottles out of the Flaccianello and am anxious to find the right excuse to try one.


I will be honest, this is the first time I hear about Flaccianello, is it unmissable good? I have tried and enjoyed the Fontodi Chianti Clasico very much … I think from 2013

@woodap @Richard


I have to admit when I bought it had no knowledge of it either, and with only the single bottle (yet to open) have only others reports to go on.
I can’t recall what drew me toward it, other than as you say having enjoyed other wines from Fontodi.
It was only after I took it home and added it to CellarTracker that it emerged I seemed to have stumbled upon a gem.
The sub £40 price tag also appears to have been a bit of a steel, looking at what the vintage is currently retailing for via other merchants.
I just hope in the end it lives up to expectations…


I’ve tried one of my half case - blogged here. Excellent though not yet at its peak.


Very interesting article, thanks


I read that pre 2001 Flaccianello was a strictly single vineyard wine. 2001 onward this was changed to including what Fontodi felt were the best Sangiovese grapes across their estate/holdings. Also over the years, both the barrel ageing period and the % of new oak used has increased, now almost 100% new for 24months.