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The following post was published by @Nowt_in_my_glass and started me thinking about the best way to ask for, and help with, recommendations. I am including it below to give context to the discussion.

The actual recommendation can be found here:

Hi all, not sure if this topic is worth making a pinned sticky one…?

Following the advice of a member who suggested you follow the producer, not the vintage in Burgundy can anyone recommend a vosne-romanee producer? They generally seem expensive so I’d like to try and buy right first time. Or is a general cotes de nuits just as good and the whole commune is overpriced? Thanks!

Interesting question, and proposal …

We have two things here. I am not qualified to speak to the first one (the producer) but I am for the second (sticky topic), so I will deal with what I know.

I love the idea of recommendations, but if you consider the range of questions that will arise from the full Society membership, one single thread is never going to cope with it. It would be impossible to find anything and to track meaningfully.

I believe that we really need are SPECIFIC REQUESTS in a separate category within Drinks Chat. I have not created this so far because when we launch I don’t want there to be too many categories to confuse new arrivals. However, your point is completely valid since this is exactly what we hope will happen here.

Since we are in the testing and set-up period still, this gives me a chance to quickly make some modifications to try out, and I would love to have your feedback.

If you don’t mind, I will go ahead and re-post your request, but I will go half-way at this stage and create a sub-category of Drinks Chat to deal specifically with Fine Wines (since what you are looking for would qualify) and we can have a tag that identifies this conversation as a Request

I will leave this conversation here for feedback on the issue of ‘requests’ and ‘fine wines’, and the usefulness of this categorisation.

Would you use it? Would you be prepared to help others looking for information?

No problem, the forum’s usability and usefulness would be paramount. For this particular section it’s addressing my junior understanding of burgundy as a whole as i always buy claret.

Yes, maybe a whole section for recommendations is the way to go…not sure if regional, or grape varieties etc is the way to go?

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I like how it got its own sub category now, perfectly warranted. I am not sure I would use the tag to search (request), but definitely the category (fine wine)

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We now have both #request and #discovery which we hope can be used as we go along - if a core of members start to use them, others will hopefully pick it up

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