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Looking for new mentors :)

Hi everyone,

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been lucky enough to see 800 (!) new members sign up to this Community, and it’s got a lot busier. :smiley: This is fantastic news - and I think we could do with expanding our Mentor team a bit to help things run smoothly.

Who/what are the mentors?

If you’re new here, you might not yet have met our trusty team of @Mentors.

The mentors are an incredible team of volunteers we recruited from some of our most experienced and frequent users of this Community - lovely Society members just like you - who come from a variety of backrgounds and have a good understanding for how the Community works.

They help this Community in various ways:

  • Welcoming new members

  • Providing guidance and advice for any user who needs help (such as ‘how do I start a WIKI?’ or ‘how do I join a group?’)

  • Fixing issues like splitting and merging topics to keep things tidy

  • Sharing their expertise in certain topics (such as @Leah’s amazing recipes!)

We rotate and expand the team whenever we think it would be helpful - and now is definitely the time to expand!

So: would you like to join the mentor team?

If so, we’re looking for:

  • Users who are already a Trust Level 3
  • Have been a member of this Community for at least three months
  • Be a regular contributor to The Community
  • Be committed to the role - you’ll need to be a regular visitor, with a keen interest in welcoming new members, helping other members with Community queries and starting interesting new discussions.
  • Be diplomatic, with the ability to make moderation decisions fairly and help to diffuse any heated discussions.

How do I become a mentor?

Register your interest by replying here, or via DM to @kelly, by the end of Sunday 4th April.

Don’t be shy about applying - we’re happy to expand and rotate the team to make it as fair as possible.


I was doing so well until that one :wink:


Haha! You do yourself a disservice - you’re a very popular member of this Community. :smiley: I think you’d be a great mentor!

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I would be happy to help but I am not yet trustworthy enough and would possibly would also be in need of a crash course in wikis etc…



Sorry to go off topic so soon, but what is a powerful Spam Flag and how do / should I use it?


This is very exciting, our @Mentors do such an amazing job so it will be fabulous to expand their team :smiley:

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No more mentors please!!!


Yep, that’s pretty close!!


Oo-err, this is strange! I think it means the ‘flag’ option underneath all posts, which users can use to notify the Admin team of spam or any post they feel is inappropriate, but I’ll double check that!


Tempting, but I think I’ve been too argumentative in the shutdown thread to qualify, and may continue to do so.

I’m still WFH too and not furloughed so should be working and not chatting really.


I’d be happy to do it, But probably a terrible candidate, as I’m antisocial, deliberately controversial and have zero computer skills :grinning:

And probably not “trustworthy” either (but don’t know about that - see computer skills section above)


But the more, the merrier, surely…? :wink:


almost makes me want to do it


flattery will get you nowhere :rofl:

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Everywhere……… surely EVERYWHERE!! :wink:

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its bit like the old saying…don’t do things for kudos- unless kudos is a really successful company paying great wages :wink: