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Looking for a good wine app - Vivino

Does anyone else use the Vivino wine app for keeping track of their purchases and cellar?
It seems a shame that a similar app is not available for Wine Society members. Are there any plans to introduce an app to enable you to manage your cellar this way?

Can’t see the point of them going to the expense of developing it when cellartracker exists.

However, I do hope the My Reserves section gets a major overhaul in the new website build.

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Use cellartracker…lots of people on here do.

I use Vivino and find it pretty simple to use and it’s great for making a quick note. As my ‘cellar’ is also relatively small, I do store wines on the app as well. It is fairly basic and for detailed tasting notes, drinking windows etc. I flick over to CellarTracker

Yes, I use Vivino. Indeed, I often use photos and notes that I put into the app to then add to the inputs that I upload to the Weekday/Weekend drinking threads on the Community. That has made me think! I am wondering whether WS should, in some way, link the very dated review functionality on the Society List purchase pages to the Community thread? I regularly put notes on the Community tasting threads but almost never review wines on the purchase pages. Does anyone else on this thread add reviews to the purchase pages?

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I’ve seen a few of the regular posters here add reviews on the product pages, some quite frequently (not sure if this is because we have similar tastes or just down to my slavish following of anything that looks a bit popular / delicious).

However, I’m ashamed to admit I’m not one of them. I think the biggest issue is when you drink a bottle after that wine or vintage has sold out by the time I drink it, which happens more often than not. AFAIK, you can’t leave a review on a sold out page (and is there any point?). This, combined with my inherent laziness has resulted in the number of my reviews on TWS main site being described as sparse If you’re feeling generous.


I’m the same, but leaving reviews on wines that have sold out might not be completely pointless. I’ve checked the product pages for sold out wines in my cellar and occasionally found helpful reviews containing feedback on serving, decanting, whether the wine can be kept longer, etc.


I think this sums me up too.

So many of the wines I buy seem to have sold out by the time I drink them that I tend not to bother. I need to not do this as I also get grumpy that I can’t buy more!


Hmmm, you’ve actually got a point there, I really should do this more. I read the reviews and take them into consideration (bearing in mind all the limitations) so should really reciprocate.

I think @Robin63 has a very good point about somehow porting reviews here to the product page. Despite my absolute ignorance of these matters, I fear it might be a time-consuming, manual task to include reviews from here over there. However, it would be nice if it were possible to state that “this wine has been linked to on our community, you might find a review or other information regarding this wine if you follow this link”. Both sites are internal, is it easy to track links like that and automate a reverse link? If it were a ‘boxed’ link, would that make it easier?

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Thanks to everyone who responded and for those who recommended Cellar Tracker which i’ve now joined - really useful and much more in depth analysis possible when looking at my cellar.
I’m with @Robin63, @Brocklehurstj and @ HamishC insofar as I think it would be useful to read reviews on wines even if they’ve sold out because it might be a useful proxy for the vineyard and future reference.
Linking Cellar Tracker to the Wine Society when buying wines would be really useful as well. Can this be done?


Slightly off topic, and I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s well worth getting on the vivino email list. They do have limited edition special offers that produce a few gems at properly discounted prices if you get them before they run out of stock. Plus if you sign up for a quidco account and access the vivino website through quidco, you get an additional 8% cashback.

I’m always dubious about discounted offers and check prices elsewhere to see if the offer is real and they often (but not always) are.

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