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Look what I have found?!?

Having a rummage through some discarded boxes, and lo and behold - a couple of bottles tucked into the corner of a wine box that I was certain was empty!

Olivier Leflaive Meursault 2014

The last bottle of this wine that I tasted, was absolutely delicious and I was so convinced that it was the 6th, that I almost :cry: shed a tear!!
Thinking back to the days when I was an impoverished adolescent, it was Saturday night and you searched high and low for forgotten money, be it down the side of the settee or through your wardrobe. Then you found an old jacket., there in a pocket that you could hardly remember existing was a crumpled up old five £ note; and it was the passport to a night out! :wink::grinning:

Well that is how I feel now, forgotten about and now found, what a feeling!! :wink: :wink: :+1:
And not one, but two bottles, ya beauty! :smiley:


That’s a decent drop. I have 3 more bottles of the 2015, and trying to avoid drinking them too quickly!

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I moved some paint tins on Monday and found a case (6) of La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 2000. According to Wine Searcher it’s worth about £500!! Salud!


Score!! :wink: :+1:

Total win! Should be drinking beautifully now too!