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Long weekend in Rioja


Afternoon all,

Myself and a few friends are heading to Rioja during the spring and are looking for some tips and recommendations!

As it stands we fly into Bilbao on the Friday morning and fly out late Monday evening - apart from that its more or less a blank sheet!

Any recommendations on towns/village to base our self, vineyards and restaurants in order to make the best use of our time would be greatly appreciated.



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Road trip to Rioja and Ribera del Duero

Oooooh! … Where to start?

Lots of great stuff to do in Rioja, but depends on various issues such as how you are getting around and what you want to see & do (other than taste wine).

Word of warning - call ahead to make sure things are open!
Also, most everything will be shut on Monday, so plan to relax and maybe walk around Bilbao or one of the picturesque towns on your way back!

You could stay at the fantastic, Hotel Viura

but it is a bit out of the way, so you would need to drive there & back each time (or have a driver)

You could stay in Haro - both of these are good,
http://hotelarrope.com/ (cheaper)

but there is also a nice apartment around the corner

The advantages are that you can walk to the ‚Äúmagic corner‚ÄĚ with Muga, CVNE, Tondonia, Roda, La Rioja Alta and more. It has decent restaurants as well, but it is small, really.

Alternatively you could stay in Logro√Īo. This used to be a lovely hotel, right in the centre

The best thing is that you are well connected to the region and you can also go out to Calle Laurel - one of the food wonders of the world in the evenings before, or instead of dinner.

You could also pop into my favourite restaurant (because of the old vintages on its list and decent food): El Rincon del Vino (site is down, so search)

For visits, make sure you book ahead as most places are not just ‚Äúturn up and taste‚ÄĚ.

Make time for two fantastic tourism desinations:

  1. the town of Laguardia (on a nice day so you get the views)
  2. the museum and winery of Vivanco in Briones (near Haro). The museum is FANTASTIC (I used to work for them and seen how amazed people can be by it - quite unexpected.)


Haro, Espana
Road trip to Rioja and Ribera del Duero

Have a great time. Went there for a few days in September - it was so quiet.

Laguardia is a nice little hilltop town to explore. If you want to visit any wineries definitely start calling or emailing now to line them up.


Thanks Robert - some fantastic insight! This will be a massive help with planning!

Excuse my ignorance but whats the ‚ÄėMagic corner‚Äô in Haro - assume its is a location where these winery‚Äôs are concentrated??



Indeed (ignore the name, it was only my comment), but it really is somewhere special:


Quite close to Haro is Cuzcurrita, home to Urbina winery. The tastings there are unbelievable - plan a taxi or take a non drinker! The wines are lovely and not expensive. The WS stocks their crianza, which we are very happy about.