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London Wine Fair meetup


London Wine Fair in May. Anyone who is attending, do you fancy a meet up ?

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Sounds like a fun thing, they even have a grand piano! Too bad you have to take a day off to attend as they close at 6 pm


I could forge a parental excuse letter if you need one for work…


Aaah so kind! Let’s see if any more TWS members express interest so that we could turn up within a group of few, as in not to get intimidated by the ‘locals’. I would be curious to learn what goes behind the curtains in the wine industry.


14000 wines. I will fall over.


Think about it nearer the date.


Olympia 21-23 May


Maybe this would be a better place to meet?


We should DEFINITELY organise a Community space here and a time to meet and say hello ‘IRL’


Lots of spitting.

I have two abiding memories of the LWF (I’ve blocked out all the work related ones).

First, at the end of a long day, I found myself at the d’Arenberg stand with another fan. They were packing up and basically said we could have free reign as it was post time. No words needed, we just exchanged glances and got drinking.

The second is amusement at the heaving bar opposite the halls after closing one year. Everyone was drinking lager.


I’m also a bit of a fan of d’Arenberg. :+1:


Cmon Leah, it’s FREE


@onlyawino, free wine is never a good enough reason for me ! It has to be what I in fact would want to drink :wink:


If you can’t find something you’d want to drink at LWF then idk if you should still be drinking wine :rofl:


Quite rightly selective @Leah…but 14000 wines !!!’ :innocent::rose::wine_glass:


Now we’re a bit closer to the date I wondered if anyone had finalised plans for attending the LWF?
Due to other commitments I can’t make the 23rd nor the TWS event that evening, but am currently planning to be in Olympia on the 22nd.


I am intending to be there on the 22nd as I have been asked to sit on a panel in the Innovation Zone at 14:15 so will probably go early and take a look around and maybe do some tastings and seminars in the afternoon


Probably going on the 21st.


I’m afraid the SO has blindsided me and I am in Nerja !!