London TWS tasting events

Had a quick search and couldn’t find the answer in an existing thread - does anyone know why the London tasing events are always on a Monday evening? Is it a cost thing (event space is I suspect much cheaper on Monday evenings)? It would be nice if the weekday were rotated occasionally even if this meant a slightly higher ticket price to accommodate those who can’t make it in on a Monday due to other commitments.

What do others think?

I’m inclined to agree that they could ring the changes a bit with the day of the week.

On the other hand, the London tastings seem to have increased in price quite a lot just recently - now £35 or £40 - with a shorter tasting time, slightly fewer wines and smaller pours (depending on who’s pouring).

I still enjoy attending but find I’m a bit more selective these days. Tough when they come so thick and fast as in the next few weeks!

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The German tasting on 9 May was on a Tuesday.

I suspect simply because London is geographically the first stop on a short road tour for the vignerons & TWS staff manning (and supplying) the stands. ie: London Monday, Chester (or York or Bath etc) Tuesday.


I find this a bit of an irritation too - although on the bright side, not a bad way to start the week (my better half may think otherwise though).

My guess was, as you suggest, it’s probably cheaper (and less competition) to hire the event spaces on Monday evenings.

We should spare a thought for the vineyard folk manning the stands: If they travel from mainland Europe then it makes sense to have the first expo at the nearest venue to the channel ports (or London airports).

If I was a English Sparkling Wine grower selling to France, I’d much prefer to have the first stop in Paris rather than Lyon !

Incidentally - and I dont know why - but from my experience working away, city hotels are MUCH more expensive on Tuesday night - wherever they might be.

We don’t seem to get many TWS tastings in the South West. Bristol has them but that means a long trip for me and an overnight stay. I think TWS had one in Exeter a while back. I would guess members in the SW buy a fair bit of wine but we are out of range.

Tastings in Bath, Bristol and Exeter are scheduled.

I once heard a member of the tastings team explaining that repeat visits depended on a decent turnout. A town might get two or three chances, but basically it’s a case of use it or lose it.


Living in Cornwall we don’t get TWS tastings ….and I do know quite a few members in this part of the country.

It’s also a transport issue. I don’t like to drive after a tasting so it’s public transport which is frankly poor in the SW. A train ride (becoming more expensive) to and from Bath for example means the cost of a taxi at one end as I live in the sticks. That’s my choice of course but I think TWS ought to do more for us in the SW, Cornwall included. And Bristol isn’t the SW.

I think you have hit the nail on the head with your comment around public transport.

If there is poor/no public transport, or members are spread too far apart in an area, then having a tasting may not be a viable proposition as too few members may make the effort to go.

Unfortunately the geography of some more rural counties probably work against them as the urban areas are more spread out with fewer ways of travelling between them.


Have you been in touch with TWS about this? You never know, they might do something if they get plenty of requests.