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London restaurant list


I am trying to hunt down a restaurant with a great wine list (at a sensible mark up) for a celebration lunch.

On my research around the web, I stumbled across this website. Thought it was very interesting and threw up a few places I hadn’t thought of so I’m sharing…



I saw this before, not sure if the Community or Purple Pages. I was quite surprised how high Clos Maggiore ranked, True it has an extensive list and a lot of wines by the glass and a few special bottles on Coravin.


Mostly with hefty mark ups.
Best for low mark ups is Andrew Edmunds

Although since we normally do byo, I am unable to give a personal recommendation.

Pied a Terre is excellent but the mark ups are eye watering :sweat:


Well, I’ll give mine then!

It’s a bit of an institution - the ever-changing wine list with bargain bin-ends is just the sort of thing I think would appeal to most here. Characterful is the word. If you get a table downstairs, expect to have to climb over someone to get to it, or expect the same in return! A bit more space upstairs.


Yes, I had come across it a while back: Wine (List) Ratings

I think we started a tally of those we had visited - not sure if this has changed since :slight_smile:


Some lovely restaurants on that list and some that are already on the wish list (and some that have been newly added to the wish list)!

Many have good wine lists but as mentioned elsewhere all tend to be so expensive for drinks that I could never bring myself to order from the upper limits unless just for a glass


Andrew Edmonds was definitely on the list. Shortlist so far also has Noble Rot and Hide.

I think Hide (ground floor) is the favourite at the moment.


I have to be honest I rarely eat out here anymore, the combination of novelle cuisine and astronomical mark ups on wine puts me off unless I find a rare place that doesn’t rip you off.

We met up in London last year with some old friends, old is a word that crops up ever more frequently these days, and they had booked at 110 Taillevent in Marylebone, as we had dined at the original Taillevent in Paris when it was still in private ownership I was not sure what to expect.

But we were not disappointed great food etc but the one thing that stood out was the wine by the glass, the name gives it away 110 different glasses and a very good list, recommend.

And in Paris their cave de vin is spectacular, they were always holders and wholesalers of wine which was one of the reasons a big Champagne house purchased them.



Yes I had forgot, 110 Taillevent is also on the shortlist. I’ve heard very good things about it but I am concerned that if there are 4 or 5 of us it can get very expensive ordering wine by the glass.

Although it does have the Clos St Hune by the glass. That may be reason enough to go there. It’s one of my bucket list wines and ordering a bottle of riesling for the table is a bold move as it’s not a grape loved by the masses.


I’m there!!! Would love to try that. Barely dare look at the cost though…


£39 for a 70ml glass or £70 for a 125 ml glass!

At Hide they sell a half bottle of 2001 at £165 or a full bottle of 1998 at £318, or you can buy or pre order any of the wines from Hedonism and have it delivered to the restaurant!


If you are after a bottle of Clos St. Hune before it becomes a millionaire’s plaything, the 2004 vintage is probably worth a look. It should be into its drinkable phase (other 2004s are) whilst still not attracting silly premiums. I would avoid 2003 and 2006, though solely on the basis that the years were atypical,although these wines may be fine for all I know.


Oh don’t tempt me!

Best price I can find is £138 which, while I’d love to try it, is a bit out of range at the moment


Andrew Edmunds is good.

110 is nice enough, but hardly cost-effective!

Otto’s is well worth a look - it’s a standard mark-up per bottle, almost like corkage, so the higher up the wine-list you climb the more wine you get for the money and the less, in proportion, the restaurant takes for serving it. http://www.ottos-restaurant.com

Or somewhere like Kitchen W8 on the right night and take your own, corkage-free?


Been to and enjoyed Noble Rot and Andrew Edmunds, as mentioned above. Also enjoyed 10 Cases.
These all have different appeals but probably not celebrationary.
How about pollen st social., good list and food. Mark ups standard for the west end.


Another vote for Noble Rot here! Have had lunch there a few times and it’s gorgeous - and as well as a very good wine list with loads of choice (last time we had Hambledon and an Austrian zweigelt which was faaaabulously tasty) I love the ever-changing blackboard of special by-the-glass options (£20-40 for a glass of something spectacular).

Want to try the rest of the places mentioned here now…!


I think Hide is favourite at the moment. They partner with Hedonism Wines so you can pre order any wine from the entire stock at Hedonism and i think it’s only a £30 mark up (or thereabouts).

Albeit with the caveat that the retail prices at hedonism are on the toppy side already which is no surprise if you have ever been there and seen the cost of their operation. It’s very big, in the middle of Mayfair and the fit out will not have been cheap!


You might want to check out The Don, St. Swithin’s Lane (City, nr Bank), based in ex-Sandeman’s wine warehouse.

I think they still do 50% off all wines > £50 on a Friday … which could be quite cost effective?!

Food and service fairly reliable too in my experience.
Not sure if this extends to lunchtimes … but might be worth going in the evening instead?!


I’ve been to The Don. I used to work very close to it. Going to a restaurant in the city is out for two reasons.

Firstly, it’s a celebration dinner and no one that will be there works in the city so west end is much more convenient.

Secondly, (IMHO) generally the restaurants in the west end have a much more relaxed atmosphere than a city restaurant full of men in suits. :man_office_worker::man_office_worker::man_office_worker::man_office_worker:

Even when I worked in the City I would very rarely eat there. I’d always find myself going further west to do so. The only exception for me would be Clerkenwell/ Farringdon areas which have a very different feel to core city.


fair comment … although Friday nights can be a bit more relaxed and you even, wait for it, get women in suits these days, how radical! :smile:

Be sure to let us all know when you find a good solution!