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Loire reds/ Cab Franc

The wines listed by TWS change with great frequency, as people have said on another thread, don’t hang around ordering when you see something you want, as wines vanish during thinking time.

I recently bought a 100% Bordeaux Cab Franc (Ch Pitray) which I was going to suggest - blow me, it’s no longer on the site.

So, more Loire and Argentinian CFs may appear tomorrow, and the ones currently listed may have gone.


Bressia is a good Bodega and known for developing one of the first, good white blends in Argentina. I have not tasted their Cabernet Franc.


Have had their Profundo blend a couple of times. A beautiful wine that has shot up in price sadly.


I have enjoyed previous vintages of Lukas van Loggerenberg’s ‘Breton’ at tastings (remember them) from Lay & Wheeler. And have 2 vintages squirreled away.

Duemani from Tuscany is stellar.


I need to get my hands on some of that stuff, his Chenin is delicious.

I’ll look forward to the Chenin as I have a few in the cellar, bought on the strength of his Cab Franc.

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Ampelida bought all of JPDruet’s 2009 stock when he became bankrupt. The Bourgueil can still be bought and there are later vintages but I am unsure of their provenance. Druet’s Cab. Franc are dense, leafy, fruity, peppery mouth filling master pieces at their best. Age worthy,

I have the 2009 Vaumoreau waiting.