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Loire reds/ Cab Franc

I really like Cab Franc based Loire reds.
However TWS seems to have a relatively limited offering.

I also like Cab Francs from Argentina where the wines are riper and fuller.

More Cab Francs please TWS.


Is a rather decent option. I’d guess somewhere in between the Loire and Argentina in terms of ripeness.


I agree. I had a bottle of the 2015 and bought a case of the 17 based on that. The 15 was/is one of my fav lockdown reds.


The selection isn’t too bad. 9 from the Loire, 1 South African and 1 Chilean.

I’ve not tried it, but my dad loved this

And this looks interesting, if you don’t mind the traditional style

However, if Cab Franc is your passion I can understand you could get bored pretty quickly. Definitely second this. @Robin63 put them on my radar and I’d love to try one or two tasty examples.


Charles Joguet reds are terrific. Biodynamic and a very enlightened approach to viticulture. Visited them last summer and had great discussion with their winemaker Kevin. He explained how they like to educate seasonal labour and allocate each picker same row of vines each year, they show them pruning techniques and canopy management so as far as possible pickers get to know their vines and also help prune in winter as well. Wines are delicious.


I found the Sourdais Chinon really interesting, very different - leafy, loads of graphite, acidity and tannins. Certainly not for one who likes a bit of fruit with their wine but great with food. Definitely my opinion only as many would not be so keen!

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Yes, some great Argentine examples from both Mendoza and Salta. Also look out for examples from Uruguay.

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I had an Argentinian Cab Franc when eating out about a year ago (remember that?). It was a revelation. I would welcome any good and UK accessible recommendations.

I like Loire CF too, and have bought the Jacky Blot wines on several occasions from TWS and Lay and Wheeler.

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If available in UK, Bodega Aleanna ‘Gran Enemigo’ Agrelo Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc offers an excellent example as does Zuccardi’s’Poligonos del Valle de Uco’ San Pablo Cabernet Franc. Unfortunately, there appears to still be a fairly limited selection of Argentine Cab Francs in UK.



Sadly, neither of these appear to be available in the UK. Looks like an agency opportunity?

Sorry - will look out for examples now I am back in UK.


No need to apologise, maybe some lobbying of TWS is required?


Marc I’ve had this from Argentina - BRESSIA MONTEAGRELO CABERNET FRANC - and I got that in my local wine shop in Bristol so should be widely available.

Not too much price variation in the TWS Loire CFs last time I looked.

If you haven’t tried Jacky Blot’s CFs well worth seeking them out (I think I got mine through J&B) and I’ve just ordered a mixed case of Amirault’s 2018s from L&S.

I’ve had the Pratts Chenin blanc which was delicious so I’ll give their CF a try too.


Thanks Andrew I’ll check them out

Had a couple of these this year and really enjoyed them.

If you can find this it’s also incredible value for money. One of my favourite cab francs.


Morning @profavi, check out Lay and Wheeler also, big choice from Joguet and Jacky Blot.

Additionally I like Ch. Petit Thouars, not sure on there availability as I have only bought in Chinon, but you never know where google leads you…

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For Chinon check this out:

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My top pick would be Domaine Filliatreau Vielles Vignes. Yapp Brothers stock it along with a long list of other CFs mostly Loire.


I like the Filliatreau wines too, especially the VV. I’ve also had some wonderful cab francs from Niagara. It’s a great long weekend wine-tasting trip if/when normal resumes.

Well judging by this thread food for thought for TWS to consider expanding its CF list. How many different CS/M bordeaux blends do we need?