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Loire Recommendations

http://www.domainedelaperruche.com/ - the name is I think something to do with parrots?

I visited a few years ago - the vineyards are on the dry plains above the river Loire … the cellars and offices are burrowed deep into the river cliffs below. They make excellent Saumur Champigny etc, but the best wines are unavailable anywhere else but at the cellar door - I have a single bottle left of Coteaux de Saumur 1990 which will keep forever.

Hi and apologies if I’m too late!
Whilst I agree with many individual views here of specific producers, the Loire is a big region so let me advise and share experiences.
Choose your district, Chinon/Saumur, Savennierre or Sancerre for example
What are you seeking red (Chinon/Bourgeuil) or white (Savennierre or Sancerre)
Let’s assume Chinon. Look at the Plantagenet Hotel in the centre of Chinon with free parking immediately outside.
Best wine places to visit? Definitely La Silene near the chateau where you can taste almost every type grown in the Loire, especially the wines of Charles Joguet. Ask to taste the same vintage from his 4 different terroir. A surprising place, a brasserie plus tasting room for Joguet and the whole region. If the French youth who has worked in Newcastle is serving… you got it made! Next, Saumur and Gratien &Meyer and specifically taste the sparkling RED! You won’t be disappointed so bring back more than one case for the summer! I’ll shut up😂

Thank you. Would you recommend to stay in Chinon? Had considered a night in Angers but not sure which would be the better bet

Most of the trip will be in (or near) Tours. There is by all accounts a “not to be missed” restaurant to finish the trip off with there too :slight_smile:

We always stay at The citotel Hotel Le Plantagenet in the Place Jeanne d’Arc, convenient square in which to park for free, close to restaurants etc. Visiting again mid July! Great breakfasts too.

Is it better to stay in Chinon than Angers in your opinion?

It really depends WHAT it is you want to see and do. Is it better to stay in Beaune than Nuits St George? Yes, if you are interested in large cellars and the wines of Cote de Beaune, Meursault, and Santenay, as well as visiting the Hospice. In the same way, we always stay in Chinon because as well as the town itself with its great array of restaurants, we visit Saumur specifically for Gratien & Meyer, as well as the landscape between Chinon and Saumur with its fantastic Fontevraud Abbey, beautifully preserved and great history related to Henry II, Eleanor, Richard and their tombs. You must make your choice based on your own research, but I also wanted to sample and buy the wines if Charles Joguet in Chinon too.

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Thanks. I suppose my question is whether there is enough of interest in Chinon (aside from wine) and it sounds like there is plenty

Still in research and planning stage for this trip. Hoping to start booking soon…

Chinon is very compact, easy walking, lots of free parking outside Plantagenet and along the river. Midweek major market and Sunday flea market. Good castle and many others around it, including Saumur. If staying for a full week the Plantagenet owner also has a house to let, very modern, smart tv, WiFi, garden, parking.
Easy to get to Bourgueil and Savennierre too for different wines, a good wine Cooperative at Bourgueil and the famous Clos du Papillon and Coulee de Serrant in Savennierre.
Keep in touch!


I’ll certainly keep in touch, thanks

One thing my wife is very keen to do is stay in a Chateau for a night. I appreciate the Loire has many of them. Can anyone recommend a good one to stay in somewhere in between (or around) Nantes and Tours? I don’t mind splashing out a bit but budget isn’t unlimited. Maybe up to two or three hundred Euro for the night

Thanks for that recommendation, will check it out

Chateau Colbert is very good. Classic chateau rooms, great food and a decent wine list…



A quick update - ferry booked. Chateau Perreux is also booked with Chateau Colbert awaiting confirmation. Stops planned in Tours, Chinon and Angers so its shaping up to be a great trip!!

Definitely wouldn’t have got this far without all the input so thanks to all!

Now to shortlist those vineyard visits…


Sounds fantastic!! :+1::blush: send us a report (and some photos) when you’re back!

Certainly will do!

I’m also heading back to the Loire in August so would be good to hear about any vineyards that impress.

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Definitely worth a visit, on the banks of the Loire halfway between Saumur and Chinon - they make the full range of wines (Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Desert) - the generic Saumur Champigny you can get in Waitrose, and is very good - the top end wines however are only available at the vineyard and a revelation, I seriously advise their “Saumur Champigny - L’Affûtée” which for me is Cabernet Franc’s finest expression (around 25 Euro).

The very helpful person that showed me around explained that sadly their best wines are not exported to the UK because they became unaffordable once import tax, 3rd party mark-ups etc had been added on. So I advise having plenty of spare room in your car.

The tank museum in Saumur is exceptional (if that is your interest) - almost as good as

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Angers is wonderful: the castle and medieval tapestries are sensational and I am rarely moved by a tapestry. I know the vignerons around Angers less well than around Tours but recommend domaie Ogereau: dont be put off by the rather bleak village, a full range of wines and lovely people. Not the main topic here but my favourite restaurant in the region is L’Aubiniere, a few miles north of Amboise. I am sure others have their own favourites in the region which I would be interested to hear.

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Well, the time has come! Off to see some friends tonight en-route to Dover

We have a week in Angers - Chinon - Tours. I’ve done my (wine) research, taking into account many of the recommendations above. We’re also staying in some of the places you guys have recommended

Absolutely can’t wait, thanks for all your help!!


Have a fabulous time!! :+1::wink:

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I’ll be doing a very similar trip next month, so looking forward to hearing about yours!

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