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Loire discovery dozens case


Hi all,

Although its currently on forward order, who else has picked up this mixed Loire case? I ordered one yesterday after looking through all the wines, seems like a really good mix of grapes, mainly white (which is to be expected) but a few reds which seems to be perfect to stock up my slightly empty wine rack.

The case includes:

Sauvignon blanc
Pinot noir - but made as a white wine (very interested in trying this!)
Pinot noir as a rose
Pinot noir as a red
Chenin blanc
Gros Plant (Folle Blanche) - not heard/tasted this grape

Not bought many Loire wines previously, a few here and there but genuinely excited about this case as it seems to be a great varied selection AND its got a small discount.

Anyone else grabbed this case? I think the Loire offer ends this Sunday.


This sounds like an @Inbar case!


You ain’t kidding!!
If only I could bribe the bank manager… :thinking:


Genuinely quite excited about this mixed case, I enjoy finding odd/rare grapes and there is a great mix of wines to explore.


Also known as Piquepoul if i’m not mistaken.


Thank you :slight_smile: need to look into the various names of the same grape, its bad enough with Portuguese vs Spanish wines especially as Portugal does have a huge number of grapes!