Logging on to the Android Community App

I’m not even sure where I got this - It is not on Google Play - but I have an Android App installed called “Community” that allows me to interact with the TWS Comnunity. Initially, each time I fired it up it would remember who I was and log me in automagically. But a couple of weeks ago it stopped doing the logging in bit.

I have no idea why or how to “fix” it - partly because I don’t know how I got the app and where to get information about it. Can anyone enlighten me on the mystery or, even better, tell me how to get it to log me in as before?

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Its doing the same for me - if I leave the app, or computer tab open, I stay logged in, but every time I close the app or tab, and later open them up again, I have to log in. No idea why.

I think it’s having some syncing issue when you return to the app. I find it shows me logged out but if I refresh (swipe down) I’m immediately logged back in.


Top tip! Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

How did you discover swipe-down did a refresh? Is ths typical gesture for refresh? This touches on my more general questions - what is this app, and where can one get it?

The swipe down to refresh gesture is a standard function within android.

The “app”, I think, is not a standard app, but what Google calls a web app:

It’s essentially just a shortcut to the web page that you can save on your home screen.

I’ve been having the same issue the last few days with getting logged out, but have no idea why :man_shrugging:

That’ll be it, thanks.

I used to have a “web app” I created from Firefox, which had a couple of issues I have complained about earlier, though it my well have been Firefox’s fault.

I might well have created my current one from Chrome or a later Firefox verion. It’s strange that it does not avertise its origin, but anyway, it is a lot better