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Try houseparty.

Thanks so much - we downloaded this at the weekend! We found it a bit buggy (maybe because so many people are using it at the moment) but the games are ACE! :smiley: Especially Pictionary. :joy:

Has anyone else noticed a huge decline in spam emails since the lockdown? My spam emails generally run at around 15-20 a day (that’s completely random spam as opposed to the rubbish I keep getting from people I have actually bought something from sometime in the distant past) but since the lockdown they have been falling steadily (after the immediate rush of one’s titled something along the lines of “corona virus information”) until I literally had none on Sunday and only one today. A previously unheard of low.

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Not such a good cause, I fear. They clearly aim to channel public support for the NHS into support for the government itself.

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I’m afraid you’re probably right there. Whilst I am awesomely impressed by the work being done by so many individuals, at personal risk to themselves, many other aspects of this business are ramping up my natural cynicism to new levels of paranoia.


And if Thursday evening’s applause was a morale-booster, then great. But what I mostly got was the stink of utter hypocrisy from approximately 40% of those clapping and cheering.


Absolutely - both to my personal and business email addresses. All the “we believe you’ve been involved in a car crash” and the “we just want to ask you a few market research questions” type phone calls have stopped too.


Well, Churchill wasn’t voted in after the war, despite people associating him with the war effort, or perhaps even a little bit due to it (though obviously, that’s a historical simplification)… So who knows! People might be so sick of seeing Boris posing as a quasi- Churchill, and the economic impact of this maybe so dramatic that some voters will want a new start when the time comes to vote…

But I may be a silly optimist, of course.


we went for a 2 hour walk in the wilderness this afternoon. Feel a bit guilty but we only saw three other people the whole way round. Came back to see this link from my brother and feel very glad I don’t live in Kenya:

because the screens are black there?


Why? As you say, you only saw three people all the way. I’m sure it would do you good.

We find that the roads just next to the house are busy with walkers - essentially only one route - but within about 300 yards there is lots of space, as most people don’t know the various paths off the road. We can do a 4 mile circular walk and will meet more people in that first and last 300 yards than the rest combined. Easily.

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Does the video not work?

I was more worried about the thrashing being dished out by the Masai

That, may only be my browser…

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Hmmm, maybe this https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/fw7wt4/since_people_were_not_taking_the_police_seriously/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

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Yes, it was lovely. Took some back routes we’d not been on before.

So nice to get the kids out running around, climbing trees and screaming their heads off (mostly in joy) without worrying about everyone else for a change.


I’m still getting spam, but it is still caught by my spam filters.

Most now is exploiting virus-fears. I’m happy to forward emails if anyone is interested in contact-free body thermometers :slight_smile:


That’s the strange thing; I have to monitor my server end spam filtering as it often throws up false positives (the worst is our business accountants; until whitelisted any email from a new person in the accountants automatically seems to end up in spam) but currently I’m only getting maybe three or four a day maximum, some days none, I genuinely can’t remember when my spam levels were last this low. It’s possible that the emphasis on covid-19 spam is actually making it easier to detect and filter out before it even reaches my server but I’m not sure that’s likely otherwise there would almost certainly be a number of false positives that never reach my server which doesn’t appear to be happening.

Strange! :thinking:

Not that I’m complaining mind; long may it last! As I’m one of the two main contact for our business my email address is very much out there so it’s something I usually suffer from big time.

Not me.

I’ve seen a huge increase. Mostly to do with getting a certificate to carry a concealed gun, and Corona Virus related.

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Isn’t that strange; two or three weeks back I did get a huge influx of corona virus spam but that’s almost completely stopped now. Curious!

Just counted them - I got 30 yesterday.

That’s spam, not unwanted emails from various organisations I’ve had dealings with in past or press releases etc, but nonsense stuff or scams from unknowns.