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In Isolation that combination of phrases might raise eyebrows! But I think I remember you talking about sourdough somewhere…? :rofl:


If you could only see the sample pot. It required double assurances that it should be used for bread baking!


The snag is that ‘3 months’ or whatever… assumes that business / industry / the economy can turn back on just like flicking a switch. But it doesnt work like that, there will be lag. And the awful worry of covid 20 waiting in the wings.

More positively - and it doesnt make the media headlines - the VAST majority (98% ish) will get CV19, recover, be right as rain and raring to go after a week or two. AS yet there are no guidelines for them. Or have I got that wrong?

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I think we are waiting for an antibody test that will actually be able to tell us whether we’ve had it and overcome it. I think the assumption is that you should be immune to reinfection, but there were some unconfirmed reports from both China and Japan of just this happening. I suppose there will need to be fairly rigorous testing before firm advice can be given.

Depends what you mean by “lockdown” I suspect.

Current rules? Review in 3 weeks. Extend for 2. Probably extend for another 1 after that in worst hit areas. Then gradually lift other restrictions, probably on a regional basis. Most things open again by August.

Schools reopen in September. Nurseries probably… July? (No summer holiday for most of them anyway, immediately frees up a significant number of workers, safer to stagger opening things anyway).

But that depends on progress with testing…

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Seems reasonable, given what has happened in SE Asian countries. And UK will have advantage that we can see how they did it and what happened next. I think the French measures were initially for 15 days, so presumably based on period of incubation/contagion.

Government presumably wants to make people expect much worse so we will all be grateful when it is less.


Can I suggest to Corovin that they think about a name change pretty quickly!


Simply not tenable.

This is key. Interesting study by Oxford University highlighted in an FT article yesterday, which postulates that the virus may have already infected significantly more people than the current modelling suggests, like factorially more…it’s only a model, and the authors highlight that the key need is for antibody testing on a large scale to verify or not. I saw that Hancock claimed that 3.5m testing kits were on their way, hopefully not via Amazon Prime.


Some may even say September is 5+ very long months away… :wink:


Trying to post link to REM, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it.”

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I do NOT wish to alarm anyone

This morning I got a call from my GP’s surgery, by one of the Doctors.
She asked me a question, which was impossible to sugar coat.
She told me that they had NO RECORD of a next-of-kin on my files.
She asked me to nominate someone??

The CALL and the reason behind it demands that if anyone is delusional enough to think that this “horror” will not be visiting them, their families or friends they are truly mistaken.
If our Doctors are making personal calls to “at risk” patients to inquire the name of the next of kin, the outlook might be described as grim.

Most of us will get through this, sadly some will not.
My “Master of the Bleedin’ Universe” advice is to get your affairs up to date.
For example, with regard to your Wine Society Share.
I have around 2,000 bottles of the good stuff with the WS and other depository’s. Should the unthinkable occur, I want to be absolutely certain that they end up with those who I hold dear, and not siphoned away in a scam to some unknown miscreants benefit.

That call this morning drove home the message, that this is not someone else’s problem.
We are all in this together!!


Fail to plan…

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Let’s not think the unthinkable, but there would some amount of siphoning going on in that case…

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I have invariably:
“Hoped for the best, but planned for the worst!”

For me, the only way to go!

And as far as siphoning, the amount of deposit, crust or sediment present in some of those bottles might choke (:laughing::grinning::wilted_flower:) the afore mentioned reprobate!! lol!


Just gave myself and The Boy a clipper haircut in the garden. Haven’t DIY’d my hair in years.

Well, if it’s a disaster, it’s not like we’ve got anywhere to be.


This just popped in my head :rofl:


Nice read, lots of similar emotions (mine included) globally about the current situation. Would love a sneak peek at Jancus’ cellar - 6 years!

“Other people stock up on loo paper. I buy wine, but never in panic.“


I find others reaction to this lockdown interesting . Being retired my day is often a 90mins dog walk across the fields followed by lunch and a nap . Then reading or a film or playing a game on the PC I do other things normally like art group twice a week communion on a wednesday morning . Supermarket shopping on a tuesday. Visits to Leeds for lunch etc. Where i live i used to seeing a lot of sky and trees. Thats because theres no house opposite. I have been retired for 15 years and work is a distant memory. I lived in London more than 40 years ago and i am glad i dont live there now. Living in a flat without green space must be claustrophobic especially if you have children to cope with .


Warning, potential offensive language alert!