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Smuggling :rofl::see_no_evil:! I’m hiding from everyone here at Heathrow !


Hope you didn’t attempt to go through the “Nothing to declare” gate


I’ll post some through your letter box. In a sterilised pot.

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Good to know you’ve got your priorities right and foregone a bottle of wine…!


I paid a fleeting visit on foot to our local big Tesco today. The diced venison was there which was good, as I went for that to make a ragu , indeed venison in several forms was there, despite the beef and chicken shelves being cleared…which reinforces my view that many Scots are so ‘conservative’ when it comes to food.

However, I began to wonder if it was compulsory to buy at least an 8 pack of toilet rolls after seeing several people struggling up the road carrying these on my way there, and at least three quarters of those in the store with them!!


Maybe there is also a cholera epidemic that they don’t tell us about… to build herd immunity


Scarily, the site of this supermarket is just across a burn (wee river for the Sassenachs!) from the site of a cholera burial pit from the 1830s…


Italian mayors hey!

“With a flamethrower!”


At least some good will come out of loo roll hoarding:


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15 bottles safely received - Mrs Bob and I are borderline ecstatic!


Is it time for a “lockdown lottery?” Well, I suppose I mean sweepstake really, but I like the alliteration.
I have in my mind 6 months, but a friend yesterday thought 2 years! Horrible thought! Anyone want to take a guess?

3 months I suspect. My thinking being it will be 2-4 weeks for it to peak in London, 4-6 weeks after that for the worst cases to recover, and then 2-4 weeks for the rest of the UK to catch up with London - so I would guess no less than 8 weeks, and 3 months is maybe a realistic case scenario? I’m neither a virologist or an epidemiologist, but if I had to put a timeline on it those would be my assumptions.

My professional life is directly impacted by covid-19 and one of the biggest challenges we’re dealing with is “how will you know/be able to define when it’s safe to re-start”?


The economy couldn’t stand 2 years. Simply not a possibility. I reckon 4 months. Possibly September. It’s one thing for the kids to miss a term but another for them to miss the start of the new school year.

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My thought exactly. And by then there will be no tax revenue of which to speak if people are out of work for this length of time, and the government having to cover payments for people’s lost income, which - in itself- could destroy the NHS. Or something along this vein.

On a slight tangent… the terrible irony for me is that the government that had spent so many years quietly dismantling and underfunding the NHS is all of a sudden its loudest cheerleader. Political expediency, as always. All for a good cause, though, so I’ll shut up.


It all depends on how well people actually stick to it, and whether our government uses it to start the “test, test, test” strategy that is proving so successful elsewhere.

Even with people following it and the government doing its bit, after the past few weeks, 3 months seems realistic to me.

September is a very long 4 months away, but agree that there would be some sort of sense to it. So many unknowns involved, and certainly massive economic consequences however long it lasts. I suppose we just have to wait and see.

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4 months is what I’m expecting but September seems to me to be the very latest they can leave it. It’s also the time my business will be without any revenue, regardless. We will have no revenue until the schools go back. So I’m praying for September.

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Thanks very much. Mrs E dropped off a sterile sample pot this morning.

Let the baking commence!