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But the (one of the) problem(s) is that the stats in the original article are not from a gov. survey but from research group’s small survey.

The government survey of consumption comparing August to February finds that more people are not drinking at all (40 instead of 35%), fewer are drinking some but less than 14 units (37, was 43), and slightly more are drinking more than 14 (23 from 22).

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And that isn’t a sufficiently worrying story for the journo’s so they hunt down some stats that can be converted into what they need. They do it all the time.

Unfair, this time, to the BBC: they used the Psychiatrists’ press release, but did give a link to the gov. website. It was the researchers who grabbed a supporting datum without investigating it.

I often complain that BBC doesn’t say anything except ‘a report says’, so give them credit when they do.

I disagree - look at the title of the article and then tell me that’s not a bit of journalistic fearmongering.

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Journalists rarely write their own headlines.

Newspaper editors are journalists.