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Yes, everything else is much fainter.

Wasn’t much chance of seeing anything at all here yesterday or day before with cloud base at less than 1,000ft! Better today…

For seeing more stuff in the sky (assuming it’s clear!): about half an hour after sunset looking west/north west-ish you’ll be able to see Venus and Mercury in conjunction (i.e. the brightest thing in the sky and then a fainter, redder looking thing below it).


56 is what you see but there maybe others. I can view the postings without showing my profile picture so i am incognito.

Some of you will know that I produce the Harpenden Gang Show (a variety show performed by Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts aged 9-18). They can’t meet face-to-face as Scouts right now, but 41 of our 152-strong cast took part in our Lockdown Lipsync. Great fun and energy, bringing an upbeat smile to these times. You can view below.


we use an app on the iPhone - sky view

great for kids - tell it where you are (roughly) and calibrate the ‘viewfinder’ and away you go…shows ISS trajectory

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Love the comment “Darth Vader’s elvish cousin”