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Anyone else drinking gin and listening to Annie Mac? :raised_hands:


Gin yes (and Musar 2003 later) but not Annie Mac, Alitta Battle Angel on the Blu-Ray…

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First night in, what’s everyone else up to?

No drinking this evening, but getting all snuggly and cosy on the sofa ready for the return of Monty and the dogs… :heart_eyes:

For me, this is one of the most life-affirming programmes ever…


We’re making a throw-it-all-in chicken traybake and digging out the board games!

Also looking into ways to do multi-person video phonecalls with family - can we use WhatsApp, does anyone know?

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Don’t know about Whatsapp (I’m a Facebook conscienscious objecter for all the good it does me), but I’ve used Skype successfully (in happier times; don’t know if their servers will be hammered at the moment). I think they increased the participant limit to 50.

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No point in asking me, I am by and large, a Social Media Technophobe!!
No Twitter, or Facebook nor WhatsApp for me.
Skype, I’ve disabled as well.


My extended family (Dad was one of 13 children) have spent the day setting up a huge group on an app called Houseparty. New to me but looks perfect for keeping us all in touch.


We just used Skype for a three way call. Worked fine.

Spoke to both sets of parents earlier, one set who are being super cautious and the other less so. Watching REM’s Road Movie - the Monster tour - on Sky Arts and drinking budget Barolo with leftover, Chilli con fake Carne. It’s no kind of match for the food, but it’s fine.

We now have a list of 20 activities on our fridge that we’re going to do with the girls. Stuff like picnics in the garden, making a Barbie house, making a book, playing the drums etc. The eldest was super excited by the list, so let’s hope we can keep that excitement going!


Researched this today! Kids getting cabin fever and needed to speak with friends.

FaceTime you can - up to 32 people, but you all need iPhones.

WhatsApp you can too, but maximum is currently 4.

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It was day 4 for us. I’m hoping you can all do much better, but it’s feeling like a horrible series of Big Brother - bickering, bitching and brazen nudity. I’ve so far resisted squatting down onto a bottle of wine, but if we can’t snap out of it, I won’t rule it out!

Seriously contemplating driving somewhere very remote to exercise the little monsters outdoors for an hour or two tomorrow.


Sorry, how is that any different to normal @Brocklehurstj - or do you mean the kids this time?

Did a three-way Skype with my mother and my brother earlier, worked fine. Trying to set up a Virtual Pub with some old buddies as well.

The eldest is curious about Friends, so we just made a tiny dent in the first series … plenty to be getting on with there.


Mostly the kids. Screaming out the window to our neighbours that “we’re on lockdown because we have the virus” with no clothes on is quite the look.


try Zoom


Zoom is good @laura, and as others have said fb messenger works well too .
I have spent most of today in tears … a lot of it relief as we have finally gotten flights out of the US tomorrow night . Our flight home which was booked for the 29th was cancelled and it’s taken us two full days to finally be able to contact BA to get flights back ! We learnt yesterday that Mono county where we are, are closing all condos hotels etc on the 23rd so I started to panic a bit . California is in total lockdown now with all but essential travel banned . We are also concerned about borders closing and flights stopping .
We drove up the canyon today and stood looking at the mountain where we should have been able to board down and that made me cry again :see_no_evil:. It’s so beautiful here and it was our first time back in 10 years, this time with the kids in tow . It took a lot of expense and planning to get here and I’m sad this will be my memory of such an amazing place where we hold such wonderful memories. We’ve packed up and leave here in the morning for the 6 hr drive to LA. We will spend a few hours with friends in West Hollywood before our flight back and then arrive back home Sunday night . Then the self isolating starts. The kids teachers emailed today with such beautiful and lovely messages … obvs made me cry again … so yep that’s how my day went but on a plus in between all the tears the kids had a great day :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Safe journey back @leah, hope you’re all doing OK.

There’s also the Hangouts app which some friends and I used the other night - once all the participants download the app, you can create a link over to the video call. The microphone picks up when each person is talking and their video then shows up on the main screen, while all the other participants’ videos are shown at the bottom! It’s really enjoyable and worked quite easily!

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You guys are the best. Loads of apps to try there - my MIL is a bit nervous about learning to use new apps so having a few for her to try and find one she’s comfortable using is incredibly helpful. :smiley: She’s on her own and we wanted to be able to have regular face-to-face contact with her and the rest of the family so this is great!

@Leah I’m so sorry to hear what a rough time you’ve had. :cry: It’s so unfortunate this has all unfolded while you’re far from home, but it sounds like there have been some lovely moments in amongst all the stress and it’s great to hear the kids are still having fun! Wishing you a safe journey back - let us know when you’ve arrived home?