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Lockdown Mystery

I was rather surprised by this line in a recent TWS marketing email for summer wines.

“… Your diary may now be filling up with barbecues, picnics, parties and more…”

I know I don’t make much effort to keep up on all the latest covid advice and regulations, but aren’t these the sort of thing we’re supposed to be avoiding? Or am I just behind the times?


A barbecue doesn’t have to be a social event, does it? Mine at least are thoroughly antisocial :slight_smile:


And mine are purely medicinal.


I agree, the booklet seems to have been cobbled together quickly and hasn’t been well designed or presented.

I have BBQ’s where the only guest is my cat too :+1:


hope he does not end up on the bbq :scream:

I don’t tend to have BBQs up here. If the evening is nice enough to be outside it’s usually nice enough for the midges to have their own BBQ on me! Bizarrely enough the most effective cure I’ve found is to set up an office fan - one of those ones that stand about a metre off the ground. Works remarkably well but it feels a bit odd setting up one of them in the garden! End result I don’t often do BBQs (also I’m a veggie and most BBQs seem to turn into carnivore feasts, though there are some good veggie options).

I stopped doing barbecues many years ago deciding it was too much effort when I could be drinking wine and eating olives and salami with friends. I never felt it was worth doing a barbecue for family only.
Howver we do try to eat outside on all warm-enough evenings and recently have had several outdoor restaurant evenings.

i have a good recipe for that should you be interested :sweat_smile:

Surely the point of barbecuing is eating charcoal- grilled food? Way too timing-dependentvto let socialising get in the way!

We had a lovely lunctime barbecue last weekend with my son and daughter-in-law: he bbq’d a lamb leg; I provided Exhibition Chianti Classico.


What caught my attention was that summer wines were being offerred in early August when autumn is only 3 weeks away! I’ve been drinking summer wines all through June and July and may extend into September if we have summer weather. Why is it that these wines are offered so late in the season? TWS is not alone in thinking summer comes so late. Majestic’s seasons are equally skewed.

Yes, a little behind the game you could say, smacking of a rushed job I thought. Let’s hope it all settles down somewhat

I don’t wish to be a pedant here, but isn’t the technical start of summer at the end of June and the end of summer at the end of September?

By all means decry the content, the font, the quality of the paper, the spelling and punctuation (or indeed the legality of it’s suggestions :grinning:) but something published at the start of August still leaves most of summer still to go, doesn’t it?

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I thought it was rather late too, though I decided to focus more on the covid angle. Having just checked, the internet tells me summer (2020 anyway) is from 20th June to 22 September, so I suppose this came around the middle. It did at least coincide with a very warm spell so perhaps there was an element of hot-bloodedness involved!


I suspect it’s all down to our friend covid 19.

The definition of the seasons depends on whether you take the astronomical or meteorological dates. The latter is what I normally go by:
Spring - Mar/Apr/May
Summer Jun/Jul/Aug
Autumn Sep/Oct/Nov
Winter Dec/Jan/Feb.

The Astronomical dates vary a little from year to year but for the next 12 months the start of each season is:
Summer 2020: June 20 > September 22
Autumn 2020: September 22 > December 21
Winter 2020/2021: December 21 > March 20
Spring 2021: March 20 > June 21

Take your pick but, personally, I always think in terms of the meteorological seasons.


Odd: the so-called meterological dates seem a recent innovation. I would only think in the astronomical dates.

Relative to the astronomical measures, yes, 1780 is very recent. But more relevant to this discussion, it is not what anyone thought of as official definitions until the last few years.

A midgie eating a veggie, quite appeals to me.

I’ve always found the astronomical dates scientific but illogical. The idea that the summer begins at midsummer on the summer solstice has always seemed wrong to me. So I’ve always though in terms of the meteorological ones which, based on average temperatures, just make more sense to me. They have, I believe, been used by meteorologists and climatologists for a long time.