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Local tasting groups directory - a WIKI

Just out of curiosity, is the idea for this to list TWS member groups exclusively? Or it could be quite long (I’ve no idea about these ones but the link didn’t suggest they were)

I assumed they were general clubs. The two links I added are not limited to TWS members, tho’ the U3A group I belong to are all members and buys most of their wines from TWS.


Our Colchester based tasting group, Oddbods, isn’t a Wine Society group as such, but I hope I can list it. Possibly about half the present group are TWS members though, so we often taste the range.

As with all these groups were looking for new members as there’s always a bit of ebb and flow. We have been active for over 10 years now and meet every month(or there abouts) on the second Thursday. We usually take it in turns to organise an evening, so it’s up to the organiser to theme the evening(or not). Add to that a Christmas party, summer BBQ and a Church Street Tavern BYO night.

Happy to do a page


If they’re groups with Society members taking part, I’ve got no issue at the moment with them being listed. Obviously if it spirals out of control we might need a separate section for non-Community tastings groups! But for now I think it’s a nice way for members to find tastings groups in their own area. :smiley:

Also, if anyone is responsible for these non-Community groups and would still like to set up a private group here to chat to liaise with members of that group, I’ll happily set one up! Will probably help you find more members in the long run. :slight_smile:

And by all means, invite members of your local tasting groups to join The Community…! :smiley:

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I’ve set you up a Colchester group, Russ - and added it to the Wiki! :smiley: Hope you’ll find some nice new members to join you all here.

The north of England group is searching for the ideal spot…Scafell Pike is the only suggestion so far. I think @leah is investigating the suitability of a derelict rig in the North Sea.


Looking promising so far @onlyawino :rofl:


Stoke Gabriel, South Devon been meeting for over 5 years now.


Could you include the Association of Wine Cellarmen? http://www.winecellarmen.com

We meet in Central London about once a month.



Hi @laura

I’ve been running a tasting club in Woking, the Horsell Wine Club, for a over a decade. Can I please be added to the Wiki? There’s no website though, just an email address.

Many thanks

With these wiki posts you’ll find you have access to edit the first post in the thread yourself. So you can actually add your group yourself.


Anyone interested in a South East London tasting group? I’m based in Beckenham and happy to host

We have a long-running informal group here in Oxford, should anyone be interested. We tend to meet on Sunday evenings every month, usually with food too.

Anyone in Central Lancs area…Preston ?

I thot so !!!:sunglasses:


Looks like me and the Tyke will have to meet up…:roll_eyes:

Hi there i’m a new member and live in East London nr Forest Gate E7 and Wanstead. Is there a members wine group in this area? Thanks. Les

Could you please add the Brighton & Hove tasting group. Thank you

Hello Adrian! :slight_smile: Just got your email too!

Your wish is my command…! :+1: Although I was convinced I had done this already?! Then again, maybe not.

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