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Liverpool - places for a decent wine?

On my way to Liverpool, never been.
So where is there for a decent wine? Thinking restaurant or bar
All tips welcome

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Back when I used to live in Liverpool (and you’ve got to go back a very long way) there were plenty of Yates Wine Lodges around. Ah… you said ‘decent wine’ didn’t you? Sorry, not much use I’m afraid! :wink:

Lunya is hard to beat for interest (if you like Spanish wine).

I lived in Liverpool for a little while. Not much help on great wine, but if you want a decent beer the Ship & Mitre has a dazzling array of well kept beers. It doesn’t look much from outside but inside is an Aladdin’s cave.
At a push I’d agree with the earlier comment on Lunya for Spanish food and wines.

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Did you find anything? Go to Liverpool a fair bit but enjoy it for the pubs rather than wine bars. Not really aware of any of note.

Not a great deal in the way of wine shops either come to think of it.

Well we’ve had a great time in Liverpool.
Wine wise, we had supper at The London Carriage Works last night and the list is excellent, the food very good too.
Haven’t found anyway else of great note though. Going to try Lunya tonight if we can get in.
Had Art School and Wrechfish recommended elsewhere but we’ll run out of time.

Lunya was very good
Nice tapas and lovely Muga 14.


Glad you enjoyed it - I always worry about recommending places.

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I’d also recommend Liverpool in general
Nice place for a weekend. Plenty to see and do, and so far away from the city I imagined for the 80’s
Although I did see a drug trade going on in Chinatown, happens everywhere.

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Liverpool is fantastic, people are very quick to dismiss it because of the stereotype. Sorry I didn’t see your post earlier and couldn’t help. The city has really come on in the last 10 years and you will find no shortage of places for good wine now on a night out now. The London carriage works would have been one suggestion so you have done well. If you are looking to buy a bottle while there your choices are reasonably limited but R&H fine wines and a good if small selection