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LIVE! #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 8-9pm



And so we begin the latest #TWSTaste session with a little bit of background bumpf on the two wines … and when I say a little bit, I really do mean a little bit! Information isn’t very forthcoming on either estate – less is more? …

… and @Freddy is hotfooting it back from Australia and New Zealand as I type, so I’m afraid we’ll have to make do with what I’ve managed to unearth!

(Oh, and by the way, I’m sure Homer is referring to the crack of the screwcap …)

So here is a little bit of background for you to peruse before things kick off at 8pm.

Somlói Juhfark, Kolonics 2017 13% £16

Gyorgy Kolonics, founder

Karoly Kolonics is a fourth-generation winemaker in the small Hungarian appellation of Somló (pronounced shomlo). Somló is a volcanic hill, the uneroded core of an ancient sea-bed volcano, standing proud on the Pannonian Plain north of Lake Balaton, with unique basalt soils.

The Somló extinct volcano from the top …

… and from the side

Most growers here are weekenders, making wine for themselves, but Kolonics is entirely professional and Karoly’s passion for this area and its native grapes is second to none.

Karoly Kolonics

He has 5.5 hectares of vines, growing furmint, harslevelu (0.5 hectare), olaszrizling (2 hectares) and juhfark 0.5 hectare) sustainably and with great skill across this bijou estate on the south side of the hill.

Yields are restricted to ensure good fruit and winemaking is traditional in its use of indigenous yeasts and fermentation and ageing in both oak and acacia barrels.

For those wishing to visit, they have a guesthouse on site.

We say:

With the richness and generous full, dry flavour of good Meursault, this is an excellent example of the sheer quality coming out of Hungary. Still young now, but totally charming nonetheless, it has flavours of apple, straw and a mouthwatering savoury finish, and it promises to develop beautifully with time in bottle. Juhfark - sheep’s tail literally - is a rare grape, now almost exclusive to Somló in western Hungary and clearly Kolonics has mastered its secret strength.

They say:

Surprisingly deep golden yellow suggesting oak or sweetness. Rich honeyed aromas, perfumed, floral, honeysuckle, apple compote, again hinting at a rich intensity. The youth of the wine stands out in striking contrast. High acidity, firm mineral core, hints of wet stone and restrained wild berry fruit with notes of beeswax, reminiscent of older chenins and riesling. Long, lean and direct on the palate. This is a beautifully structured wine, which has brought out the best in juhfark, not an easy variety, and which will mature and develop over the next ten years, if not longer

There’s even less info available on the next one!!

Moric Hausmarke Red 2017 12.5% £14.95

While the Velich family still make traditional Austrian white wines, Roland Velich broke away in the ‘90s to form his own winery focusing on reds from the blaufränkisch grape.

Roland Velich

He called his project ‘Blaufränkisch Unplugged’. Under the ‘Moric’ label, his first vintage was 2001, making just a few thousand bottles. The fruit comes from Burgenland.

This is a relatively new area of Austria (was part of Hungary until 1921), and so the Hungarian influence is still strong – you say blaufränkisch , I say kekfrankos, let’s call the whole thing off. Roland makes very small quantities of ‘terroir’ wines, allowing the grape to express the minerality of the mica slate, clay and limestone hills overlooking the Nieusiedlersee around, among other villages, Neckenmarkt and Lutzmannsburg (highlighted below) although his winery is actually in Grosshoflein.


After his first vintage, Roland famously said: “The basic idea of Moric was simply to crush wines that clearly show their origin.”

He gets this expression through ruthless fruit selection from high density old vineyards, minimal intervention during vinification, and ageing in large oak vats, with the resulting wine combining the pleasures of Piemontese nebbiolo and Burgundian pinot noir.

We say:

Burgundy lovers will find much to enjoy in this fine blend of blaufränkisch, zweigelt and pinot noir from a highly regarded Austrian grower. Soft, mellow plum aromas follow through to the palate with a dash of black cherry and savoury complexity.

There we go - enjoy the tasting!

NEW #TWSTaste: Fine Wine Small Wonders, 18th July '19, 8-9pm

Ewan, this is great!

Is there any advice on how to prep, when to open, if to chill, etc?

We’re looking forward to it here. We have 2 types of cracker especially.


Hi Michael - chill the white, for sure, although not too cold. Fridge now then take out just before we start. Red should be fine, but if it’s as warm where you are as it is in St Evenage, then 20 mins in the fridge just before we start might do some good. Enjoy! I’m unlikely to be joining you all tonight, but I might pop my head in.


If you are still there Ewan, would you recommend aerating the red? Or should it be good straight from the bottle?


Open it and pour now and leave until ready to taste :wink:


Thanks Leah - will do!


Southampton calling. Warming up with pre dinner cocktails on the terrace.




On my tod this evening - the other half’s off to see The Eldest in a school talent show, so I’m holding the fort.

I’m especially looking forward to the analgesic effects of the wines, after my back went ping whilst shuffling garden furniture about this afternoon :grimacing:


As a long-term back-pain sufferer I will be crossing all crossables that yours improves! Gardening is perilous, wine (hopefully) restorative


It hasn’t done anything like this in a long while :dizzy_face: but there’s been a lot of awkward-position garden stuff this week and I think today was the final straw.

Anyhoo, the post-meal bottle of beer helped; our friends from Austria-Hungary will hopefully also do their bit :+1:


Should have bought the wines… will now be just lurking with a glass of Pataille Marsannay 2014. At least I know the Kolonics, a well loved wine in the Community. Keep the rectal irrigation jokes coming…

Rude language warning!

It is also true that Juhfark is pronounced “you fuck”-ish


Is that what its called now??:sweat_smile:
Hope your back feels better soon :wink:


We have a special gardening technique that totally avoids back pain and other injuries - get somebody else to do it for you.


Thank you for cleansing me of this duty, @szaki1974 :see_no_evil: Sorry to hear you won’t be tasting along but trust you’re enjoying the Pataille!


We are here for our first online tasting tonight - me and the other half (Mercedes). She has been writing notes on the white for about an hour and I have had to hide the red.


Good evening everyone! :smiley:

I hope you’re all looking forward to a super-fun night of wine drinking and discovery!

We’ll get started properly at 8, but first of all who’s here?

  • Me! Me!
  • I’m here but lurking

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Welcome @tooby2!

So has my own tasting companion here - getting a bit embarrassing tbh


Is there anyone taking part who’s only recent joined The Community? If so let me know and I’ll make sure I ‘up’ your trust level so you don’t get locked out of posting.


I’m new and joined by 2 friends.