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LIVE: #TWSTaste: Curiosity Shop, 24th January



7/10 for me for the white


5ish, 6ish out of 10 from Nottingham. Liked it. Wouldn’t rush to it necessarily but would like to drink it again.


We’ll be moving onto the red in a minute or two, so get your glasses ready… :smiley:


Is it just me or does the finish has hints of George Clinton envy?


TWO ??? That’s harsh!


We’re having ours with garlic and cheese bread. 7/10 from us

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Maybe it’s because we’re knocking it back but it’s an 8/10 and a 7.5/10 from us


Not me - it’s the company I keep!


And 10/10 for Maggot Brain and the White Album.

7/10 for Physical Graffiti.


7/10 easily from us too. Finding this is in a lovely place between the complexity of a French white, and the zing of a New Zealand white. Food wise we started with a prawn salad, and now are on a baron bigod cheese (a kind of English brie de beaux. It went well with both, and we were surprised by how well it stood up to the cheese.


We’ve decanted the red. Not sure if that’s right. It’s very pale.


Agreed very pale red


And onto the red! :smiley: Let’s all swirl and sniff… first impressions?


I think its beautiful :star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Funny that… Exactly what we had with it! Cut through the batter and chips really well. Now getting some honey on the nose, a whole grapefruit on the taste buds and also something like tarragon, but not so anissedy at the end? 7/10 for me.


Me too! Think it’s worth giving it a little bit of air if you can, pallor notwithstanding - look forward to hearing what you think


What a fabulous sweet nose on the red.


Smoke, tobacco, Parma violets, blueberries, purple wine gums


It doesn’t look all that light in my glass I have to be honest! Blaufrankisch is often a lighter style, somewhere in-between pinot noir and merlot with a dash of carignan for good measure. Just to give you an idea of what to expect.


That’s really opened up in the last hour. The white pepper is getting bigger and bigger.