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LIVE TONIGHT: #TWSTaste at the AGM - co-op wines!



Does anyone know if that level of alcohol is normal for this sort of wine or was it a particularly high alcohol vintage?


Corbières is regularly 14-15% - ripe style from the Deep South.


Well I think we’re wrapping up now! So I’ll leave a poll to see who preferred which wine on the night (whether you’re here or not!)

  • Gruner for me!
  • I liked the Corbieres best
  • I’m at the AGM and preferred one of the other wines (please comment which!)

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I havenMt is the chance to taste any other wines, but I’ve been evangelising!


Corbieres is really hot so produces wine with higher alcohol content.


Had I drunk the white I’d almost certainly still have preferred the Corbiere, but I didn’t so in fairness I shall refrain from voting!


Noooo I was having so much fun :astonished:


Are you sure?.. :rofl:


You had that one ready and waiting didn’t you?


*Haven’t!! Honest!


Haha! I want to find a GIF to reply to that but this computer is being broadcast on the big screen and I’m worried about what might appear! :joy:

We’re still here, so I’ll comment until about 8! Thanks SO MUCH for turning up though, everyone - it’s been a fun but very busy tasting! :smiley:



Just FAST :sweat_smile:


Oh good, that GIF is now on the screen! :joy:


I’ve been on pouring duty, sorry! :sweat_smile: loved the grüner. The red a little hot early on but seems to be coming together nicely


Glad it worked :grin:, Ive now removed the kids from the hot tub… thanks to #twstaste this evening theyre up later than usual!!

Never EVER trust the Irish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See?! :rofl:


Oooh Shall I keep going ???:sweat_smile::joy:



sorry I missed this great occasion - lovely to see the community, AGM and TWS Taste all coming together like this

shame I missed out on the wines too - sound lovely

greetings from afar - great job @laura @Ewan and @martin_brown … and the lovely folks here


Enjoy the rest of the AGM… I’m off to parent…:wink: Till the next #twstaste:+1: