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LIVE** Guerrilla tasting #4: Bordeaux blend - France Vs South Africa. 28 November 2019 **


That’s interesting, I find this much easier on its own. Maybe the plushness or the ripe fruit or something


No-one expects that! :wink:


More chewy but more satisfying :yum:


yeah, I am also with you on this


Has one more year on its window than the bdx


Deeper flavour, riper tannins, sweeter fruit but not over the top, lots of oak notes but nicely integrated, good length too. Just more of everything really.


Yes, I’m happy to taste by itself (actually rather enjoying it), but a full bottle might be a bit much


I think I’m just enjoying it more


I think it’s a better wine - more complex and interesting - but I am needing the cheese with it and does very well with the stronger hard cheeses. particularly the Abondance.


That’s the vibe we’re getting too :+1:


when I was opening it after the Bordeaux, I had a go with the foil cutter… luckily I realised before too long


Mrs CC: just tried it with cheese: Welsh Cheddar, Comte and Smoked Budleigh Salterton. Good with them all. (Can’t remember the base cheese for the Smoked Budleigh, but that’s where it’s smoked - hence the name.)


I broke my foil cutter on the Bordeaux


is actually a very useful tool @Herbster


It tastes slightly fishy as well. Good sea air


So you were set against it from the beginning!


This wine is more smoky, richer, a little less sweet, but more fruity than the LdeP. Also quite noticeable ABV like the Claret, but with food, more amenable and enjoyable for me.


I used it! Honest! Then I tried to peel away a bit of the overhang and, well, the cut opened up again this morning, bleeding all over the weetabix…


assuming that’s the cheese


I actually did the same last week… not the Weetabix bit, mind you