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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy

Well, before I go off in search of fish pie (the power of peer pressure!) I wonder if you’d like to vote on a favourite wine of the night?!

It’s been an interesting evening - two classic French whites, neither necessarily setting the world on fire, but which one do you think was best?

  • White Rhone
  • White Burgundy

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Well there we go! Another great evening! I’m glad I discovered a new white Burgundy fave, and I hope you found this enlightening and entertaining!

Loved hearing your tasting notes - please do keep sharing what you think of the wines you try - it’s a great way to help your fellow wine lovers keep exploring and sharing the joy of good wine! :smiley:

Thanks so much to everyone for taking part! :smiley:


As a lone voice for the Viognier we returned to it after finishing #fishpie and frankly it struggled and the burgundy was lovely on it’s own.
PS does the wine sic employ someone to source appropriate gifs?


Thanks for hosting Laura and thanks for contributions from everyone. We are going to finish off the Macon.


No, but I’m hopeful if they ever need anyone they’ll come knocking :rofl::sweat_smile:


Thanks @laura another great #TWStaste


Lots of fun! Thank you @laura for hosting and thanks everyone for the suggestions and tasting notes!


thanks @laura, I’m off to throw these kids under a duvet and do a million other things :sweat_smile:

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Now that would be a GREAT job! :joy:

I agree @Leah would be a perfect candidate. :laughing: Who knew wine tasting could be so enhanced with GIFs?!

Thanks all - what a great night! Join us in March for our next tasting - details on the way! :eyes:


My basket is nearly full and poised to add a couple of bottles for the next tasting. I don’t want to miss the special price for the Langhe Nebbiolo Rizzi so pretty please can the announcement be soon :pray:t2:

Sorry, @JayKay! Yes, I’ll get this sorted, hopefully tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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I’ve put details of the next tasting live now!


Thank you!