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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy



Getting a weird babycham aftertaste


You definitely got the right bottle? :joy:


Ripe grapefruit and grapefruit pith. with fresh green apples, a little chalkiness with toffee and vanilla. Also that buttery taste really evident from the first sip.


Bit overwhelmed by food at the moment (did I mention fish pie).


Dry, quite high acid, quite full as well. Creamy buttery toast notes. Lemon, tangerine, white grape, green pear. Mid length.


Yes. All butter on the nose but apple on the palate


Wet wool and not nice at all :sleepy:

A shame as was looking forward to this one.


Nice acidity too.


Ooh sounds faulty…


Oh no! Could this be a duff bottle?!


Maybe I’m not the only one on babycham!


Yes, sad to say it is. But that’s the beauty of trying two wines… I’m back to the first one!


The kids are BEGGING me for a taste :scream::scream: Ive hunted them off to bed!


Oh dear! Please do tell Member Services so they can give you a credit! They’d be happy to. :slight_smile:


Start them on the good stuff early! You never know, you could well avoid the Lambrini phase!


While @markt enjoys some more Rhône instead, what do the rest of you think when it comes to food matches?!



Maybe another fish pie?!


Thanks and will do :slight_smile:


Would this go with a roast chicken dinner perhaps?