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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy



This is actually a lot of what I was expecting from the viognier! Will be interesting to see if there is a bit of role reversal going on here!


You trumped my fish pie :thinking:


Went well with smoked mackerel and roasted veg just now.


knew it :laughing::wink:


Ooh yes, too big and powerful for a korma, I think! Could definitely agree with your crab recommendation though. :heart_eyes:

Ooh, this sounds delish! Big flavoured food for a big-flavoured wine!

Who wants to give this a mark out of 10?


I’m clearly very susceptible to suggestions, because this comes through right at the end for me.



7 and 7 here


7 from me


If you’ll permit me to use .5s, I’ll go 6.5! :smiley:


6 and 6.5 here


Yes, I will permit this, because 6.5 is what I wanted to award as well


I will go for a 6, but I predict I would rank this higher if I tasted it with some of the dishes you’ve all suggested!


I’m going for a 7. It’s very good at being a Southern French Viognier (if that makes sense…) but I’m not overly wowed by it


Mercs is giving it an 8-9
Me is giving it a 7.


VII for me


Agreed!! I really wish I’d had some nice crab or a fish pie to try this with! :crab:


Old school, I like it


Kids are unanimous, for a 10 out of 10…


Training their palate young :joy: