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Live from 8pm: #TWStaste white Rhône vs white Burgundy



Yeah I think so — a slight bitterness — like if you had a bit of the green skin still on your pineapple. — it actually tastes “green”…


Right in the face :grinning:


Dr C has just got home and rushed through the nose and onto taste - over ripe banana chemically thing in her words.


Good body, lovely mouth feel, a big hit of tropical fruit, pleasant acidity and yes, agree about the alcohol!


Its quite warming! But the alcohol doesn’t dominate at all. It adds to the weight and gives a little tingle on the finish.


Quite smooth with a pleasant after taste. Very slight spritz in my glass


Absolutely. It’s there, but not in a bad way!


Definitely getting that!


Yes, pheweee! It’s big on the alcohol alright! Still getting nice pineapple too, though, which works quite nicely with the big body. Would this work better with food, do you think?


Savoury seaweedy Viognier thing. dr C again.


Would love this with a big ol’ fish pie!


The last of my glass had warmed up - the stone fruit now coming through nicely. Big mouth, long finish. I don’t mind the alcohol, but it does tingle a little.


Wowed fish pie tonight😁


Agree that this seems to need food. Not sure what though!


Roasted veg :wink:


Hope so, I’ve got a risotto lined up for tonight.


Sorry wowee


Fish pie is a good call


Yes a good food wine - Cuttlefish tagliatelle!


I see the recommendation to have it with chicken korma — I can’t imaging that alcohol heat playing nicely even with a relatively mild curry… Something like crayfish or a crab dish I could see though.