LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste 'Weird' Wines, Thursday 28th May, 8-9pm

What a fun tasting! Thanks so much for joining in, everyone. Until next time, go weirdly!


I think there is more inclusion, around the model…have you got a wine from Spain, Australia than choosing a specific bottle…

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Yes! Thats more like it!

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Just in passing, how do you post a photo of the wine?

yeah will be joining that one for certain as my order actually only contained the new bin series and a number of US wines.

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Night All!



Look along the top of the message box…you will see icons…one of which is a picture symbol…


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You can either take a photo of your own wine bottle etc. and use the image upload icon (roughly in the middle of the editing box). Or, if it’s a TWS wine, navigate to that wine’s detail page and copy the URL into your post (make sure it’s on a line of its own).


Yes, if you press this little guy:

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 21.04.30

It’ll let you upload a photo :smiley:

Many thanks!

£0 each!!!

Many thanks everyone… a few of you have got me pining for Gaillac now :heart_eyes:


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This is all very tardy. But I have had to overcome my depression at 95p nearly squandered. But the longer story starts with my post yesterday -

It’s a NV Vila Istenič (Slovenia)

According to their website, it is - “a very special sparkling wine. Served over ice, it is a most prestigious summer refreshment” . We’ll see about that, especially as it recommends serving at 0C.

Folks, don’t do this. Even when tempted, mixing a dry white sparkler with ice cubes is a terrible idea. It tastes dreadful.

So that’s enough of that. The wine itself, separated from the ice cubes, is a bit idiosyncratic, but Slovenian wines often are. Very broad, and unlike any more northerly Blanc de Blancs (it’s 100% chardonnay), it is also short on the acidity side. Though offsetting that is a bit of tannic structure, so maybe some skin contact here.

Odd, really. But drinkable once you dispose of the ice. I’ve put a sparkling stopper in the bottle, and will retrieve it from the fridge tomorrow. for a drink in the garden.


@NW_passenger we’ve finished off the meats from Tempus. We had the whole Achari salami and the chestnut smoked coppa. Both good, I really liked the spicing on the salami. The meat itself is richer than most of the Italian stuff I’ve tasted, presumably because Tempus use older animals.

Yes comparatively on the expensive side but I guess you’re buying into the brand and ethos.

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They make tasty things. I’m pretty sure I had some Lardo from them a while ago and it converted some good meals into special ones.

Photo upload never worked for me, despite many attempts

Thanks for the report. I’ll give them a try when I have less charcuterie in my fridge.