LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Roam around the Rhône, 23rd April 8-9pm

Looking forward to it. BTW do we allow to start a minute or so late so we can do the NHS clap?


We do indeed :smiley: We’re usually ready for 8, but don’t start until about 5 past.

Yes indeed! We’ll start a few minutes after 8pm - Society staff participate in #clapforourcarers every week. :heart: So don’t worry - we won’t start without you! :slight_smile:


Latecomer here…

I will be on this…

Did not organise this well as I have 4 cases of Rhone arriving tomorrow from reserves…however, there is still ample stocks here to choose from. Decided to go for S Rhone with steak pie.

Will join when I can, been quite a busy day.


I’m going to be a bit late for this - kids demanded I chase them round on their bicycles for an hour after supper. Only just starting bath time, a way to go yet :sweat:


Oh dear, we’re down at the cheap and cheerful end of the list…! Nevermind, a boeuf bourguignon will soften the blow…


Yes, we can’t miss the clap. It’s the highlight of my social calendar at the moment!

This is ready to go - test glass to “see how it develops”… The most sediment I have seen for a while.


Right, I finally made a decision, and ready to go with Bosquet de Papes 2012…

No decanter, but a glass poured and breathing. I’m resisting the temptation to try it. Honest.


Half a bottle decanted at 6PM so good to go here…

…it’s an equal parts blend of GSM and carignan.


I haven’t got mine in bath yet either…tick tock!

giphy (4)


I can’t resist any longer - I have to start soon… lamb shanks just came out of the oven!


Same here ! I had a cheese omelette, saute potatoes and a salad. The salt on the potatoes has left me very thirsty !


2007 Dom de la Janasse - looking good mmm smelling good, smooth and definitely NOT past its best. Lamb shank about to eb served up… I will be back after the clap!


Any and all wines welcomed here, as are you! Hope you enjoy and find new wines for your Wish List @Barhamnick


In the spirit of openness (openness of the bottle that is), we had ours with supper in the garden. Partly because the weather was so good, but partly because I’ve got a commitment between 8 - 9pm to produce a video with somebody, so I’ll have to apologise for ducking out of the usual timings. But I’ll read up how it went tomorrow and answer any questions etc. if any. So here we go -

It’s the 1982 Jaboulet Ainé Cote Rotie Les Jumelles.

Colour is still a good, deep red, albeit with browning around the rim.

On the nose, and the palate for that matter, a red of this age is not about fruit but aromaticity. It’s a bit hard to describe the aromaticity of a good N. Rhone red in its tertiary phase, as it only shares a limited number of reference points with other things.

But it has that somewhat “inky” character that denotes a mature red of some quality, plus notes specific to Cote Roties. That bacon fat savouriness is there, but no black pepper notes. But it is very harmonious, and still firing on all 8 cylinders. Acidity and tannins are in good balance with the palate still - whilst I’m sure this stopped improving some way back, it still has plenty of mileage left, should you have any.

No, we don’t normally drink in this style midweek! It was just a combination of circumstances suggested it, and as it turned out, it is still a great food wine.

Once again, apologies for the premature posting - I’ll be back on track next week.

(edited to get the vintage right!)


So we’ve just done a swap with our neighbour half a bottle each of a red and a white. Here’s our pair


Hello and welcome! That sounds a lovely way to share wines and try new ones. They look very nice too - I have enjoyed that Vacqueyras from Le Clos des Cazaux in the past and it was delicious. Let us all know what you liked the most, but hopefully, they will all be good.



Yeah, i was hungry so i made food, and naturally tried the wine - Lirac Les Muses 2013, Domaine du Joncier. Besides, soon after 8 is my bedtime :slight_smile:

As usual the photo thing doesn’t work for me.

It’s quite deep in colour, as you’d expect, and has some nice leathery notes under the exuberant dark fruit, from the mourvedre no doubt. Very clean fruit profile - this is pretty low intervention, biodynamic like all Joncier wines. I’ve chilled it down a bit. Quite soft on palate but balanced. Not a very structured wine though, and drinking well now i think. I quite like it but i see why i rarely drink S Rhone wines, and especially on days like today. Maybe for a cold winter night. Slightly hankering after last night’s Galician Mencía :slight_smile:


Clos de Cuminaille, yum !