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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Roam around the Rhône, 23rd April 8-9pm

More Grenache in that one. From a year like 2010 itwill be holding up well.

Well done TWS staff (apart from Marcel :joy:) great event again. See you next week cheers :wine_glass:

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Will be interested to hear what you think after it’s had a bit more time.

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This has made my day, thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at another tasting soon - maybe next week?! :smiley:

So wonderful to hear this! Hopefully we can all rustle up an Italian feast too and pretend we’re really there. :slight_smile:

You’ve done brilliantly! :smiley: They’re not always this busy - hopefully you’ve still had fun. :slight_smile:

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Are you claiming they’re not?

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Thanks to the organisers and to everyone here, lovely to share a glass (ahem nearly half a bottle) with you all. Look forward to next week.


Chris we finally got to the 2009 St Joseph Cuminaille and it’s still very much alive. Lovely end to an hour of tasting.

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My first virtual tasting too. Great fun. But oooft… not a bottle of Italian wine in my garage any more.

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:joy: They’re not the size of my head, like that photo makes it appear… :raised_hand:

Joining us on Saturday??

Oh no! We won’t mind if you turn up with a non-Italian wine and just join in anyway. :wink:

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I’m not a teacher, although I guess this is an exam of sorts, so I won’t score.

However, for £13.30 VAT and duty paid on these shores, it’s a fabulous wine that provides excellent value. I’m very much looking forward to broaching the remaining bottles.


ACTUAL footage of @freddie before the “beard”.


Great big thank you to the organisers as ever. I’ve been looking forward to cracking this wine and so glad it’s lived up to expectations in such good company!


A bit late to this but oratoire de st Martin Les Douyes 2015. Drunk through supper. This is a gem. Bramble nose, touch of spice and long finish. All the tannins are velvet and long.
I worried it would be too young but this is lovely.
This domaine Is organic and biodynamic, the vines go back to 1915(?). I think you can really taste the class and care.


Never mind the jolly japes from the old lags Cliff - I’m with you. Nightmare breaking in and yes, not sure I’ll manage it again other than by luck. Both drinking Cairanne too! Mine 2010 is great!

It’s my first bottle of this Domaine, but its well regarded in the community and the community is not wrong! As usual.

They’ve only been this manic since we’ve been doing these mass lockdown tastings. ‘Normal’ tastings only involve two wines and everyone on the same two wines which is much more manageable.

But this is a lot of fun at a time when that’s in rather short supply!


One last post to echo those with better manners than me. Thank you so much for organising.

Hmm, Northern Italy eh, can’t wait for the next one now !