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CdRV Domaine de l’Echevin 2013

On the nose it seems a little bit past it’s best but it’s still holding up OK. Fruit is a bit dried, there’s some dried thyme and leather on the nose.

The palate doesn’t seem to have caught up with the nose just yet though. More of a stewed black fruit profile, some peppery notes, and lots of earthiness. Not much left in the way of tannin but the acidity props it all up nicely.


Cave de Tain, 2107 Crozes-Hermitage ‘Grand Classique’: much more restrained that the nose would suggest - less of the blackcurrant/plum, and much more red cherries and bramble, though there is something of the red plum about it still… the vanilla note is very much in the background, and all the better for it, and there’s a whiff of smoke as I swallow. The husband calls it 'quaffable but not gluggable- which, to translate - means “I could drink this very easily, but it still requires some thought”… he’s got a language all of his own! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I suddenly don’t like this wine so much… :rofl:

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Oigier fan too. Anyone from the Wine Society - don’t they make some of yours or have I got that wrong??

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2015 TWS Exhibition Crozes-Hermitage.
On the palate this is medium-bodied, juicy with brighter black cherry fruit than the nose suggested. Cleaner as well, with refreshing acidity, decent grip. Maybe a bit less complex than I remember from previous bottles but I think it’s still young and will improve in the next couple of years, on this showing has enough fruit to stand up to the structure. Good food wine but needs some protein, going very well with some coarse pate de campagne and some offcuts of rib of beef I cooked earlier.


New to this - the pic show the wine we’re drinking with our home made “Greek Salad”.


Had to check! Looks like 2006 was the first I bought. So quite a while.

Hitting the 2002 Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle. This is my last of 12 of these and though not a stellar year its been a very enjoyable wine.

Like the 2000 CNDP its lost a lot of its youth and is showing some amber hints though it still looks younger than the CNDP. The nose is more restrained than the CNDP and shows less tertiary tones. On a palate its still got plenty of fruit, though the intensity it had even a few years ago has faded and it hasn’t developed the depth of tertiary flavours of the CNDP. Nonetheless its very enoyable and we polished off a lot of this before this tasting even started.


Is anyone here drinking the Exhibition Hermitage? It’s one of my all time favourite bang-for-buck Rhones.


2016 CdR, Rasteau Domaine De La Combe Dieu

Smooth, rich with good balance
Berry fruits, quite long
Quite dry, just heading for the cheese.

Domaine Jaume in Vinsobres make our CdR, but Ogier did a couple of vintages after Cave de Tain stopped and before Jaume started.

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If you don’t like it feel free to send on the rest of the case…


I only started the WS vintage cellar plan / en primeur buying about 3 years ago. I can’t wait until my cellar rivals all of yours – some stellar wines on display this evening!


aye a couple on the 2015s…

You total legend. I’d sell my soul for a slice of that.


Haha! I don’t think you’re the first person to do this. :wink: A wine that’s so good you can’t resist drinking it early is a very good wine indeed.


CNDP Cuvee Etienne Gonnet, Domaine Font de Michelle 1998
This has a weak nose, but taking a mouthful is like being hit very hard, but in a good way! Mid tannins, mid acidity, well balanced, baked red fruits, spices. Fills your mouth with flavour. Good length.


Enjoy. I’m a big Clos des Papes fan.

Saving it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: