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LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste Rioja 'Vertical' virtual tasting, 26th March 8-9pm



As a post script to a good evening, perhaps we should give some thought to the people in La Rioja and the rest of Spain who have been badly hit by Covid19. My thoughts are certainly with them.


Sorry I tapped out of this one, too frantic for my current headspace!

I did enjoy a 2010 Gravonia during the session though.

Lots of spice, petrol, bruised apples, dried fruit on the nose. Similar on the pallet, with a lovely smooth texture to balance the (high) acid, very long length of dried citus and petrol. As a Gravonia fan, I found the 2010 smells amazing but delivers a lot less on the pallet than previous vintages.


Good to hear your notes, I managed to get some just before this lockdown :clap:


It’s like a Gravonia only very slightly less good, unless I got a dud bottle. Here’s hoping I got a dud bottle!


That’s interesting to note. I had a 2010 Gravonia a couple of months ago and had the same impression. Given the level of bottle variation its hard to know if it is that, or a sub-par vintage. I have one more 2010 so may pop that one soon and report back


Hi there, it does depend how mature you like to drink your wines but the 2010 still has more to give. I tasted it in Feb and reckon it will start hitting its peak in about 2-3 years and last easily for another 10.


No problem at all…will easily last that long.


Thanks @PierreM and @JayKay take note!

3 years til bottle 3 it is then! I do like my Rioja a little musty… :slight_smile:


Thanks Pierre! Looking forward to them.


Thank you. Just updated the drinking window on CellarTracker :slightly_smiling_face:


The Bosco 04 is enjoyably savoury but a touch muddy today. In retrospect I reckon it was probably at its best at the end of last night’s session, about three hours after opening. In case anyone has any - perhaps the same may apply to a different vintage too? Have to say I don’t think López Heredia is at the same level as LRA, sadly, esp taking into account the prices. Gravonia is the only one of their wines I’d buy these days.